Year After 20-Week Cycle, Low Test but Normal FSH and LH

Hello, I’m a 42 year old male. I’ve done about 6 short cycles of test.My first included deca.My last cycle of test was a long one, approx 20 weeks, used HCG while on with adex and then clomiphene after. Finished that about a year ago and here are my current labs… Feel free to advise please…Proteins
Albumin 45.2 g/L (Range: 35 - 50)
SHBG 27.4 nmol/L (Range: 18.3 - 54.1)
Hormone Phase Men Phase
FSH 3.74 IU/L (Range: 1.5 - 12.4)
LH 3.17 IU/L (Range: 1.7 - 8.6)
Oestradiol X 38 pmol/L (Range: 41 - 159)
Testosterone X 4.37 nmol/L (Range: 8.64 - 29)
Free Testosterone - Calc. X 0.088 nmol/L (Range: 0.2 - 0.62)
Free Androgen Index X 15.95 Ratio (Range: 24 - 104)
Prolactin 107 mU/L (Range: 86 - 324)
Adrenal Hormones
DHEA Sulphate 8.590 umol/L (Range: 2.41 - 11.6)

LH and FSH blood values don’t tell us very much, these 2 hormones vary greatly throughout a 24 hour period, unlike total testosterone where peak and trough levels are within 10% of each other.

You definitely have low T, but I wouldn’t try to diagnose whether you are primary or secondary with LH and FSH blood values, a 24 hour urine sample is much better for these 2 hormones because it gives you the total amount produced throughout the day.

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It’s very common to see AAS users with the lowest LH around and very low testosterone. This tells me the testicles are damaged and the leydig cells are just not responding well to stimulation anymore. You should be seeing more testosterone with LH at 3.17.

You may have two problems, sluggish pituitary and damaged testicles. It’s looking like you may need TRT for life.

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Thanks for your time. This test was taken at 11.30 am if that matters. Do you think an hpta restart might work or do you need more labs?

Well I stopped telling people a long time ago whether I think a restart will work for them or not, I have been proven wrong many times, both when I said I didn’t think so, and when I said I think it might.

So instead I try to focus on whether it is possible or not. It is definitely possible to recover when you have developed ASIH. But will recovery be enough for you, or will it hold without the meds. Those are 2 questions that can only by answered by trying a restart.

It is never a bad idea to try a restart, just the information you gather with be worth it. You will learn a lot about HCG and how it affects you, whether you are in fact primary or secondary, and whether or not normalizing your levels through stimulation makes you feel good enough.

Once you have been on TRT it is hard to compare eugonadal levels to it. So it is worth a try for the knowledge alone, but personally a lot of the guys I see that do recover, just aren’t happy.

Just my 2 cents

Ive also learned telling people what might be best doesn’t work lol. If you tell them one way, they may do it but eventually curiosity kills the cat and then try the other way too. Once they start reading a forum they end up trying something new every 30 days, because people are impatient.

So why not get it out of the way now :slight_smile:


Understand what you’re saying but I’m pretty patient nowadays. I know for Defs HCG makes me really horny so I know that it will Defs initially work but whether it keeps my levels up are another thing. How’s about some advice on going to UK doc or DIY restart ?

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I don’t know any docs in the UK wish we did, they seem stuck in the stone age with TRT. Prescribing decanoate starting people off with a 1400 mg “booster” shot lol.

Don’t even get me started on that.

But if I was doing a restart I would want to make sure I had legit ancillaries, I can say that for sure.

Hope this helps.

Cheers!! I’m just weighing up whether to go to docs or try the restart first

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What was your PCT exactly? Dosage and frequency, and duration, please. Any particular reason you went with Clomid over Nolvadex?

I used HCG 250 IU twice per week while taking testosterone with arimadex 0.25 every 2/3 days. I then used clomid for around 5 weeks 50 mg.

I thought clomid was the preferred method

Most guys prefer. Nolva (Tamoxifen). Less sides, less problems. 40/40/20/20/20/20. I would give it a go before jumping on TRT, but I wouldn’t hold my breath given those levels.

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Would that be ok with my Estradiol levels so low? I’m thinking I should get bloods from doc to confirm first results. I really want to try restarting before trt.

Your E2 is low because you don’t have enough test to make more.

I wasn’t sure if that was why so thanks for letting me know. I’ll get bloods done from docs first to be double sure and post here for your help. Not a lot of confidence in the docs here… keep an eye please!!

So … basically after a year and a half of trt dosed size of test e I decided I didn’t want to rely on it for the rest of my life so I went cold turkey and have been free of everything bar creatine for 10 months. Some of the important tests had errors but can anyone see any ways to raise testosterone a bit as it’s on the low side?Kidney Health Urea 6.5 mmol/L (Range: 1.7 - 8.3) CreatinineX 129 umol/L (Range: 66 - 112) eGFR54 . For UK guidelines: Information & Resources | The UK Kidney Association Liver Health Bilirubin 10 umol/L (Range: 0 - 20) ALP 71 IU/L (Range: 40 - 129) ALT 28 IU/L (Range: 10 - 50) GGT 18 IU/L (Range: 10 - 71) Proteins Total Protein 68 g/L (Range: 63 - 83) Albumin 45 g/L (Range: 34 - 50) Globulin 23 g/L (Range: 19 - 35) SHBG! Sample error Cholesterol Status Total CholesterolX 5.2 mmol/L (Range: < 5) LDL Cholesterol 3.0 mmol/L (Range: ≤ 3) Non HDL Cholesterol 3.5 mmol/L (Range: < 3.8) HDL Cholesterol 1.7 mmol/L (Range: ≥ 0.9) Total Cholesterol : HDL 3.1 (Range: < 4) Fasting Triglycerides 1.0 mmol/L (Range: < 2.3) Inflammation CRP HS 0.6 mg/l (Range: 0 - 5) Gout Risk Uric Acid 311 umol/L (Range: 266 - 474) Muscle Health Creatine KinaseX 283 IU/L (Range: 38 - 204) Iron 18.6 umol/L (Range: 10.6 - 28.3)
TIBC 53 umol/L (Range: 41 - 77)
Transferrin Saturation 35 % (Range: 20 - 55)
Ferritin 321 ug/L (Range: 30 - 400)
Vitamin B12 - Active ! Sample error
Vitamin D 113 nmol/L
Interpretation of results:
Deficient <25 nmol/L
Insufficient 25 - 49 nmol/L
Normal Range 50 - 200 nmol/L
Consider reducing dose >200 nmol/L
(Range: 50 - 200)
Hormone Phase Men Phase
FSH 4.7 IU/L (Range: 1.5 - 12.4)
LH 5.0 IU/L (Range: 1.7 - 8.6)
Oestradiol 54 pmol/L (Range: < 192)
Testosterone 11.1 nmol/L
Reference Ranges apply to adults
(Range: 7.6 - 31.4)
Free Testosterone - Calc. X Unable to calculate nmol/L (Range: 0.2 - 0.62)
Prolactin ! Sample error

If you’ve ran PCT’s before why would you not run one when quitting TRT?

Hello,thanks for the reply! I read that HCG etc doesn’t necessarily speed up the body’s own production.

That’s literally what they do. Not HCG so much, but the SERMs can be very helpful in speeding up recovery of your HPTa.