Year 3 Updates

last 3 weeks have been unbelievable–better than when I first got on TRT, new labs day before regular shot. Some surprises- T level 630 E2 35. My protocal 200 mg 1 x week and arimadex .5 1 x week 3 days after shot with HCG 2 x a week.

Previously taking arimadex .5 2x a week, this was the only thing that changed ( diet has helped as well).

I am 46, 261, 6’2… Work 3 -12 hour night shifts a week, doing much better recovering from work. Not having to take extra sleep/ go to bed early days after working, strength levels good to very good, bodyfat decreasing with new paleo diet and new workouts…I feel like I did in my 20’s.

I have noticed with the higher estrogen levels, for me some side effects have disappeared pimples/ sores on back of head & general acne gone. More energy, better focus.
I plan on getting more bloodwork done with additional labs in the next few months.