Yeah So I Gained Some Weight

Hi all

My name is Andrew and this is my training/fat loss log.

Backstory- I am your typical high school monster turned late 20s fat ass. When I was 17 I maxed out bench @ 345, squat @ 450 and power cleans @ 295. Then I left high school, stopped training, and became a legitimate fat ass bastard.

Earlier this year- I hit my personal “best” of 336 lbs…body weight! Over the past few months I’ve gradually cleaned up my eating and recreational activities and managed to drop 30lbs over the past few months with no extra work.

Currently- 3 days into a legitimate body changing nutrition program and weightlifting schedule.

Here’s the stats:
Age- 28
Last time I was in a gym before monday- 2001!

Weight- Was 304 on monday night, now 298 on Wed. Water weight is deceptive…

neck- 18.5
shoulders- 55 3/8
chest- 47 3/4
waist (largest measurement) 56 1/4
arms (largest measurement) 19 1/2
thigh (largest measurement) 32

Nutrition schedule: I’ll be following a fairly low carb diet with plenty of protein and good fats. Protein will come from the usual suspects- whey, chicken, beef, and eggs. Fats are from the eggs, beef and fish oil/cla caps. Carbs are simple sugars for post workout shakes and assorted veggies with meals. Here’s a rough breakdown of the calories.

Non-workout days- 1900 calories 260g P 75g F 50g C
Workout Days- 2500 calories 350g P 80g F 100g C

Supplements- Not really taking too much…:slight_smile: 5400mg of EPA/DHA, 5gms of CLA, multi, extra vitamin C, green tea extract, 40gms BCAAs split before/after workouts, 5gms beta-alanine, and 800mg phosphatidyl serine.

Training- Having read up on poliquin’s twice daily training for fat loss/muscle gain I am going to give that a whirl. I’ve talked with a few local lifters who gained amazing amounts of muscle doing this…I’ll be using higher rep protocols to stimulate fat loss but I am excited!

For those of you not familiar with it you can read up on it here- Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION I am fortunate to have the right schedule to pull this off. I’ll be breaking into it pretty slowly of course.

To start the process of undoing 7 years of bad choices I am doing a week of 3 full body workouts every other day. Did the first on monday and the second one tonight. It’s amazing how many different flexibility problems I have!

That said, the workout tonight was infintely better than the first one. On Monday I tried to do a squat only to hear my back say NO, my knees say NO, my hips say NO, groin say NO, etc etc etc. Tonight I managed to get in 5 X 8 body weight ass to the floor squats lighting holding the rack so I didn’t fall on my ass. I figure I might be able to do a real squat within another week or so.

Still need to loosen the front of my shins and my low back a bit…

Definately have muscle soreness today. Wasn’t bad yesterday, but as the today went on it got worse and worse. Hopefully my workout tonight will help bring that to a speedy conclusion.