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Yeah, I'm an Idiot

I don’t think the people who say me do this have an appreciation for how funny this is. I think you guys might get a good laugh at my expense.

A little bit of background: The box we use use for squats is pretty small, I would say probably 10x10inches. When I stepped out of the hooks on probably my 5th set of DE squats, I stepped way too far back for some reason. When I sat back onto the box, I overshot it and only got about half my ass on the box. I slipped off, and fell over backwards, with the bar still on my shoulders. I landed, half on the ground, half on the bar and stayed there for a good minute on the floor while I laughed and hoped to god that hot girl on the treadmill wasn’t watching me. Lucky for me all I got was a bruise ego.

get a bigger box! you are lucky you didn’t fuck yourself up dude…

glad it was funny rather than injury

I’m extremely surprised you didn’t herniate a disk.

When you get up to higher weights they could pop those things like balloons.

I’m glad for your sake you are fine.