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Yeah...He Did It


What would you do? What was he thinking, hahaha!

(If this was already posted my fault.)


I have seen Japanese fighters try alot of crazy moves and strange antics for attention but this is too much. Funny as hell and he had it coming.


I almost shit myself laughing :-p


Definately funny shit. What about the American dude saying "I'm not gay!"


Yeah, that was funny, he was seriously worried that we would assume that. As if, if there were two gay fighters in the ring they would be kissing. His initial reaction was what most guys would do, it was a violation of his space.

Japanese commentators: "Ahhhh kano di wateniobe....not a homosexual, ahhh homosexual."

It was quite a romantic moment. :stuck_out_tongue: It may mess with his head, but it doesn't make the Japanese guy look tough. I just find it funny that this big Billy Badass was all intense and ready to go, and the guy counters that with a warm embrace.


Oh, buy was that fucking funny. I'm laughing and typing right now. And then he got nearly knocked out. What an idiot.


FYI he was carried out on a stretcher, BIGRAGOO. I'd say he was KO'd.


What a dumbass.

Granted he wasnt ready for the suckerpunch, and the white guy probably lands punches like cinder blocks, it seems to me he would have beat the fuck out of that guy if they actually fought anyway.


That sucker punch put his ass on the mat. I'd say he hits like a train. Funny fucking shit. Can you imagine what would have happend if the guy threw a hard hook?


Yeah, he would have been "convulsing on the ground like an infantile retard."


Heath Herring is a bad dude. The Japanese fighter showed little class by disrespecting Heath like that. However, Heath also should've have knocked like that. I'd like to say I'd have handled t differently but who knows.


It looked like he wasn't going to do anything, but he lost it and gave him a little chin music.


That's some funny shit!


That was too damn funny. And the punch didn't look like it was thrown that hard, but deffinitely had some on it.