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Yea My New Routine

Yea after reading shits from the authors I finally set up my new routine but I have one question

like today it was Back and Bicep
GOod back work out today but after back, i moved on to biceps. First one I did was little wide grip barbell curl. AFter I finished this shit I was freaking tired so I couldn’t do second and third exercises right.

Is it because I used too much weight on barbell? NO way because I did 12 8 6 4 without problems. What do you think the problem is?

[quote]Lastcrusade wrote:
Yea I didn’t read shits from the authors [/quote]

That sounds more like it.

My guess is that you just spent all your juice on your lifts for back. This is one reason that it is not uncommon to see programs that dedicate a seperate day to arm work or group arms with smaller muscle groups.

You could switch up your schedule, back off of the intensity on the back exercises preceding the bis, or wait and see if your body is able to adjust.