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Yay, it's Black History Month!


What are YOU doing for the Black person near you this month?

I'll check this thread again after I make a PEANUT BUTTER sandwich.


I honestly don't know where the nearest black person is right now.


Nothing? lol.
They never do anything for me.


I'll stick it in her well developed pooper.


I'm stealing HIS bike.


break dances and bangs white woman


I bought kingbeef a months supply of fried chicken, watermelon, and koolaid



I gave up my seat at the front of the bus.


I've been applying a daily coating of baby oil to fit in with the colored folks.


Join in on their conversations at the theaters.


Hey, that's eaves dropping!


What kind of Kool-Aid?

You do realize this means everything, right?

Look, if you are going to reach out and touch the Black person nearest you, at least get the details right.

You won't see me leaving the Mayo off a White person's sandwich.


It better be purple flavored kool aid.


I'll wish him or her a long healthy life and that that they may live to a functional 100 years old.


I plan to teach at least one person that Africa is a continent not a country dammit!


You REALLY hold a grudge, huh?


Kind of like Australia?



Its Red Koo Laid.


I get it now!

Since I bang every OTHER race of women throughout the year...I will bang Black ones this month...EUREKA!!!!!!!!!!!

Its the new "Arab Pussy"