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Yay For 200


Hey all, I've been following the site since August, and I just wanted to share with you all that I've finally hit the 200 lb mark. I started at 170 in August, and I've probably gained 20-25 pounds of muscle since, if not more.

I'm in the middle of ABBH I after doing TBT and WM. Just wanted to express my thanks for having such a great site. I'll be giving updates on strength and size.



This site is a god send.



Congrats man, im 190 and looking at 200 with greedy eyes.


You put on 20-25lbs of lbm in 4 months? Shit son, I'd be ecstatic if I put that on in a year.


It's kind of nuts. I'm 6'2 and 18 years old and it feels like i'm going through puberty again. I've been getting around 12 hours of sleep a night because I just can't function otherwise. I have to stretch my legs all the time because they're not used to carrying around this weight.

I'm only half way through ABBH I, too, and I can't wait until I can get on a strength based program.