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Yay Devils!

I’m just starting to get back into hockey after around 5 years off. I’m looking at some of the strength programs and most seem any good, but none the less, I’m still at a loss on really where to start. Any hockey players out there have any advice? I’m going to be playing start-up hockey at the beginning of July so I’m looking for a good program(s) to start on that will help me get ready this month and during the summer while I am playing.



John Berardi ran a great 3-part periodization plan for hockey at his website. Here’s the link to part 3, but it also includes links to parts 1 and 2 (which you’ll want to do first).


God I hate the devils.

By the way-- Though his program is a little too basic (and dated) Peter Twist has a hockey conditioning book out that has a number of good sport-specific on and off ice conditioning drills.

squats and Deads do wonders for your stride and explosiveness. I do cario/HIIT too just to keep my heart/body ready for those tough 3rd period shifts

Go Leafs Go.