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when working out, i frequently find myself yawning after every set. am i just not getting enough oxygen or what? i am not tired and after the workouts the yawning stops. i do have allergies and can’t breath through my nose very well. would this have anything to do with the frequent yawning? thanks for any replies! :slight_smile:

I read somewhere that yawning forces the body to take in oxygen, so that’s why some people yawn during training - the body needs oxygen. Have no idea if that’s correct or not.

Probably signs of overtraining. Are your energy levels high in the gym? Are you motivated during your workout? Are your workouts taking longer than they should?

I would probably agree with TEK on this one… i sometimes yawn too, a lot when i do, even though i have energy and enthused… weird…

I do this as well occasionally, and I’m definately not overtraining.

An old rowing coach said that it’s the body’s way of avoiding stress. It knows (before a big race for example) that it will be put under tremendous stress so your brain tries to convince you that you’re tired & to go to sleep or something.

Hey guys, thanks for all the info so far. to L_O_W_R_I_D_E_R: thanks for the input. i don’t feel i am overtraining. i am following phase 1 of EDT to the letter. i look forward to my workouts and i am motivated when i am working out. also, being i am following EDT, the workouts are the same length everytime. kind of puzzling huh? :oP

I yawn a lot when I’m in the gym too, and it’s due to tensing up my neck and jaw muscles when I lift. Dollars to doughnuts you’re doing the same.