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Yawning in the Gym


WTF is this about? Yesterday I was at the end of my workout, I was in the middle of supersetting lunges and SL deadlifts and I just suddenly started yawning uncontrollably. And I don't mean a sleepy yean or even a "shit this thread is boring" yeawn, I mean a proper face splitting gasping yawn. It went on for ages, I could keep it in while I was lifting but in my rest periods I looked like a right gimp.

Anyone had this happen to them? What's going on?


You yawned.


Yeah, happens to me all the time. I'm at the gym later at night though, so that, plus I'm balls to the wall the entire time, so I DO get tired, but I just write it off as my body playing tricks on me.


How interesting. Please keep us updated on the minutiae of your workouts.


Yawning: Involuntary opening of the mouth with respiration, breathing first inward, then outward. Yawning is often caused by the power of suggestion. Repeated yawning may be a sign of drowsiness. It can also sometimes be a sign of depression or boredom.

Example. "I read your post and yawned"


Three reasons for yawning.



Lack of oxygen


Not every time I'm in the gym but yeah... sometimes I get the yawns and its not sleepiness or anything like that.

I put it down to my brain/body needing more oxygen...


Maybe I am not making myself clear here. This was pretty fucking unusual. For the duration of my rest periods I couldn't close my mouth I was gasping so much, I mean I was wondering if I was about to keel over. I have been training long enough to know that this was not fucking normal! So I am not only wondering if there is some kind of oxygen starvation issue here but also concerned because I looked like a twat.


I used to do it quite bit in my rest periods, even though I was giving the sets everything I had. Now that's it's been mentioned in this thread though I realise that it only ever happened in the gym I went to back then. So now I put it down to lack of oxygen.


i yawn heaps at gym, it makes those that are lifting less weight feel like they need to pick it up, terry tate them....on serious though I'm generally tired when I get too gym and yawn


Yeah it's the lack of oxygen, I used to do it all the time. Then I started breathing.


who the fuck cares...its a yawn not a epileptic fit!


Did anyone else yawn when they read the word yawn?


I shit my pants once while I was squatting in the gym.


Wear a helmet.


its funny after a heavy set. you just went balls out on cause then if someone sees you theyre like wtf, this kid is half asleep and kicking my ass.


yes, me and continue to do so.


You too?


So that's why those guys waddled out of the gym after they were finished squatting.... makes sense now.


My shorts ripped across my ass while squatting once,

True story.