Yawning at work out???

Why is it when I work out I am yawning almost uncontrolably? Not before or after, just during!

Good question brother, I do the same thing. Wish I had some answers too.


yawning is brought on by a lack of oxygen to the brain. perhaps you’re not breathing correctly during your lifts. perhaps.

Yawing is not only a sign of fatigue but also a sign of a highly relaxed state. I do the same thing. It has nothing to do with intensity of the workout or the energy your using. It just means that everything is relaxed for you at that time. Its a GOOD thing believe it or not.

Also, if you would like to get yourself into a relaxed state forcing a yawn helps. I do it when my nerves get too high on the golf course. I force a yawn out and it immediatly relaxes me. Save the golf is boring and thats why I yawn jokes.

i thought yawning also occurs when body temperature rises, which would be the case during a workout

I’ve also heard that your body is forcing in more oxygen by triggering a yawn. No idea if that’s true or not.

The weirdest thing just happend, I yawned while reading this thread.

it also stablizes pressure in the eustachion tube, are you lifting on mt everest again?

Maybe your workouts are too boring!

John K its not weird. Yawning is known for causing a lemming-like reaction in most people. Try yawning in front of some friends, 1 or2 will prob yawn as well. I’ve yawned 3 times while reading this thread!

Give the poor Bro a break!!! It’s probably low blood sugar - maybe pre training nutrition needs attention.

3 choices…
High GI snack 15 mins prior to training.

Low GI meal 90-120 mins prior to training.

Or both.

For me and a lot of my clients, yawning during a work out is a sure fire sign of a mild hypoglyceamic episode coming on and it’s time to eat!

the whole “lack of oxygen” thing is a myth.

I just thought I was tired the other day and needed to take a day to recoop. Now I know, and knowing is half of the battle.

Thanks, Patch. Good answer! Yawning is a symptom of hypoglycemia. I just never connected the two.

There is still a lot of debate on the topic of why we yawn at all. I’ve seen MRI footage that shows
that yawning does decrease the fluid pressure in your brain cavity. The increase oxygen is definitely a myth-for one you are exhaling air when you yawn. I guess there is an argument to
say that it stretches your lungs-but that doesn’t hold up. Yawning has been proven(under controlled conditions) to be contagious. Some evolutionary theorists believe it was a way of our ancestors to signal/gesture to show that it was time to get up/go to bed. Or that it reminded others to decrease fluid pressure because it is a semi- uncontrolled automatic response.
As to why you yawn when you work out. Not sure. I know I do it a lot- in both high intensity and low intensity workouts, morning/night/afternoon, but not all the time. Maybe there is an
increase in pressure. Hopefully there is a doctor or someone on this site who could help us out.

I heard if you yawn during you’re workout that means you’re gay…

I know this is an old post, but I used to yawn all the time and I figured out something that works for me…

Take more time in between sets. For some reason, when I try banging out sets really quickly, I yawn, and I don’t know why. But recently, I’ve been trying to lift heavier and have forced myself to rest more between: no yawning, weird.

Hope that helps someone.