Location: Weight Room.

Time of Day: Mid-day, between 12 and 3 pm.

Conditions: High intensity weight training session. Mid-way through 1 hr of lifting.

Supplements: 1 Scoop 1MR, or 2 scoops of Jacked.

Problem: Yawning. Constantly. Deep aching need to yawn way down in my chest. Requires 30-45 second hardcore pulse-stopping yawn to satisfy. Then immediately needs repeating. Yawn some more. Yawn so hard my eyes water. Then yawn more.

Notes: Not sure if the supplement has anything to do with it. I don’t always take it. But maybe it does because I always seem to take note of the issue on days I have taken some. It always starts half way through the workout.

Anyone else have this issue with or without the supplement?

Breath deeper.


Are you on any anti-depressants?

Yawning usually indicates the brain needs more oxygen. This happens to me a lot when I lift. Do what Lanky Mofo said.

This made me yawn a lot

Get outside for a few minutes and take those deep breaths.

does it feel like no matter how much you yawn the feeling never goes away? like youre starving for air and feel like youre drowning? like you have to yawn so deep down into your diaphragm so satisfy the feeling of getting oxygen?

i get this when i lift and when im trying to fall asleep, IF ive over consumed wheat products. me thinks it has to do with some sort of inflammation response. could be high blood pressure too (from high caffeine or inflammation.)

whenever i stay clear of wheat, im fine.

my 2 cents.

Maybe you’re just overdoing the caffeine and you possibly need to train without either of those products for a while along with kicking out the rest of the caffeine from your life. You could just be exhausted and trying to pass over it with the stimulants.

Are you low carb?

Not on antidepressants or medication of any sort.

Not low carb. Only slightly calorie deficient - am losing weight on this program.

I drink one cup of coffee in the morning and take a during-workout supp 3 to 4 times a week and this is my only source of caffeine.

I don’t feel out of breath. I am usually breathing heavily during the more intense portions of my routine but never really feel “out of breath”, certainly never feel like I’m drowning or anything like that.

I’m starting to really suspect it is the supplement. Whether its the caffeine in it or not I dont know. These supplements are marketed as having an effect on pump and nitrogen uptake in muscles and I just wonder if the agent that affects this in the body also causes me to feel the need to yawn.

I’ll take a month off of the stuff after this tub runs out and see what happens I guess.

Thanks for the replies.