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Yawg's 5/3/1


Right so here's another lame '09 member registering to get a sixpack yesterday and a gazilion pounds of LBM for tomorrow. Not really, not here to complain about having to shank my dealer whom I got beef with either, sorry guys.

Been lurking here for quite some time, but never had to register because everything I needed to know was allways right there, which is awesome btw.

So here's my story (i'll keep it short dun worry)

Weight; 150-155 (seriously I can be anybodies bitch), came from 114 and didn't even have hawt abs then, ino awesome genes right
BF; Couldn't tell ya, 14% rougly
Height; 5 8"
Training since a year, bit more, with standard stuff, split, FB, tried bit of everything worked duh I'm nub so what did ya expect

Had fucked up knee's which made backsquats impossible, but legpresses too so that was no quad training, could do DL's so did what I could. Knees are a bit better, and frontsquats are tolerable now THANK GOD, backsquats still not so much, but I'll just stick with FSQ"s for now

Did taek-won-do (pussy version of kickboxin') for longtime, kept me to the awesome 114 so ye no more of that picked up weightlifting instead, blame this for shitty knees.

Anyway, wanted to stop doing a bit of everything only thing I kept constant is just to bust my fucking arse in the gym and treat every set like gym might close after. So ofc, as a T-Nation reader :stuck_out_tongue: wendler 5/3/1 came to mind, SS too but that's not realy what I'm LF.


DL; 330
FSQ; Not tested, doing that this monday gonna be low only been doing this 2-3 months
BOR; (underhand grip); 198 for 2x9
MP; 5x121
BP; last time I did was 5 singles @209 but BPing messed up my shoulder (did BB elbows flare style shitness, been doin DE days for technic PL style elbows tucked etc thnx to article)

Now for the real thing, I hoped you guys could help me out deciding Wendlers 5/3/1 scdedual as my normal forum hasn't really got any experience with the program (which is why I joined here)


Monday (Boring but big);

MP-3x5 of 3x3 of 5-3-1
MP-5x10 @ 50% (easy)

Tuesday (Triumvirate);
DL-3x5 of 3x3 of 5-3-1
DL from deficit-5x10 @ 40% (easy)
DL Rack Puls- 5x10@70%

Hanging leg raises-5xF

Wednesdays OFF

BP-3x5 of 3x3 of 5-3-1
DB BP- 5x10
BOR- 5x10

Friday(Boring but big);
FSQ-3x5 of 3x3 of 5-3-1
FSQ-5x10 @50% (easy)
Side Rotations-3xF

Wanted to keep rest @4 mins for main lifts, @2mins for acc. work. Will keep increase workload on acc. but careful not to cause too much of a strain, will refrain from going to failure on acc. sets unless building up to 1 set instead of 5x10

Any comments, inputs, flames w/e ?

Owh ye, not a native speaker so if I make some dumb as spelling mistake shank me


Your set-up looks fine. However, I wonder if it is the right choice for you; I mean, IMO you can progress way faster with a less “conservative” program.

Wendler’s 5/3/1 will make you progress surely but slowly, which is fine for advanced lifters, but you’re not there yet…

You can’t back squat, so I wouldn’t suggest you Starting Strength :slight_smile: Have you ever heard of West Side For Skinny Bastard? Have a look at www.joedefranco.com: the beauty of WS4SB is that you can choose, let’s say, chins instead of BP and DL insted of back squat as Maximum Effort exercises, and that you’ll put 5-10 lbs a week on your lifts for 4-6 weeks, or more, before switching to other exercises (let’s say incline BP and sumo DL).

Anyway, whatever program you choose, remember: if you want to put mass, you have to eat, to eat a lot, and to eat a lot of proteins!


Don’t do BBB, or all the extra pull variations for the squat/dead if you have bad knees. What exactly is wrong with your knees? I could help a bit more, if I knew. Make sure you have shoulder prehab sort of stuff on either (or both) pressing days. Stuff like facepulls, external/internal rotations, seated DB power cleans, etc. If I where trying to limit knee fatigue I would do a box squat variation (front maybe, back preferably), and a rack pull for your 5/3/1 lifts.

Preferably fix the knee problem and do your backsquats/deads, without too much volume on assistance.


I’m not quite sure what the problem is, it’s cracking and clicking on squats (seriously hard you can hear from 10feet away easy) but that’s managable, DL’s don’t pose a problem, frontsquats don’t hurt anymore either (I go ATG literally, quite flexible lower back) just backsquats they don’t seem to like (simply hurts and will be sore for a few days) and to be quite honest I don’t much care for learning them atm, FSQ’s will save my lower back some when doing DL’s (which I’m sore for for several days on an allout set) and will target legs a bit more than SQ’s in general so I don’t quite think preferring FSQ’s>SQ’s is a huge problem.

You do bring up some really good points about the shoulder prehab stuff, which I’m not really familiar with, I just stuck with the basic “if it hurts don’t do it” But I’m clueless as to how to fix it, atm I’m doing shoulder dislocations together with scrap pushups daily but not quite sure how effective they are. Also I have a problem with rounded shoulder(s), mainly on the right side (which is where the pain is not suprisingly) and I wouldn’t quite know where to begin to fix it, or whom to see for that. Healthcare here is just a pain in the ass as it’s basically coming out of your own pocket while you still are forced to pay em a retarded fee monthly (unless you are dieing of some exotic disease you are fucked basically) and as I’m a student I got shit all money to spare to begin with, rather buy my next batch of food with that.

I do think MP day would benefit from your suggestions (and I’m definatly going to look into that tomorrow), altho Fabio does bring up a very good point. The reason I thought of doing 5/3/1 to begin with was because my bench has plateau’d (also due to the shoulder problem) and I don’t consider myself advanced in any of the lifts yet (Altho I did do a small dance after getting my DL PR last friday) So maybe the WS4SB might be better as you’re not limited with your progression.

It’s so stupid I never thought of that myself, I read all the articles I read over em in the beginner stickies, even seen the movie Strong, never popped into my head I could try that method lol. I’m more of a go into the gym bash yourself to death then let someone drag you to the busstop to go home kinda guy (busses quite normal over here ;)) to begin with.

Thank both for your reply’s been very usefull and given me some things to think about, I’ll report back to you after I get some sleep.


For your knee and shoulder problems, read ALL Eric Cressey’s articles, especially “Shoulder Savers” and “Bulletproof knees” (or something like that…); “Neanderthal No More” serie will help you fix your posture, and if you can spend some money, it would be a good idea to purchase both DVDs from Cressey and Robertson (Inside Out and Magnificent Mobility).

Anyway, you can’t go wrong with some facepulls and some band TKE (Terminal Knee Extension), even if I’d have that knee checked.


Just lift some weights and stop complaining. Kidding, hope your training goes well.