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Yates Style Workout

I’ve recently started a Dorian Yates inspired workout. No, I’m not a heavy duty freak, but I’m using this workout as part of a cycle for about 6 weeks. When I’ve done this workout right I’ve gotten plenty of stimulation. I’m actually using this in a fat burning phase. I don’t have much time to lift, let alone do cardio, so I’ve used this approach to give me some extra time to hit the cardio. I know alot of you are against cardio, but there are many of us that just plain need it. I don’t over do it I just do enough to increase my carb sensitivity and burn some extra fat. My diet is my main focus. I was just wondering if anyone has tried this before and how did it work? I’ve tried the workouts on this site for fatburning where your work the whole body and can’t stand them. Whereas most of you maintained strength or got stronger I got weaker.

I honestly don’t think that a Yates-style training program is appropriate when working at a caloric deficit. I definitely think that it has its place in an overall periodization program, but I just can’t see all the drop sets, rest pauses, and forced reps as a good idea. Your goal while dieting should be to maintain strength (and, in turn, muscle mass)at all cost. If you don’t like the full body routines (e.g. Meltdown), why not try “Ripped, Rugged, and Dense” or “Training with Maximal Weights?” They’ll allow a good split, and your training sessions will take less time than you think due to the A1, A2, B1, B2 designations (usually training antagonistic muscle groups). As for the need for cardio, why not just fit it in when you can and tighten the reins on your diet when you can’t (although you should be anyway)? Remember, losing fat is a 24-hour process. Also, HIIT would definitely be a valuable inclusion. Good luck.

Thanks Eric. I appreciate the feedback. I should have been more specific. I plan on using the high intensity techniques sparingly. I think I’m going to give the two workouts you suggested a look. I haven’t read them for some time.

I don’t think Yates’ style training is very good at all, apart from after a high volume phase. It is too little to grow/maintain from unless you are a beginner or on alot of drugs. I’d try to maintain the workout you have been doing in terms of volume etc to preserve as much muscle as possible.

This is only a 4-6 week cycle. I plan on going back to higher volume afterward.