Yates Style Training with a 2-Way Split

hey guys long time lurker
just curious as to peoples opinions of training yates style ie 2 warm up sets ramping up to a top set to failure, and using a 2 way spplit something similar to a dc split and training 3 days a week, so week 1 a,b,a week2 b,a,b etc


thanks mate ive read through that but mainly 3-way and 4-way splits mentioned

Re-read #6

ok i re-read #6, it dosent mention a 2-way split, or is that your point that he only talks about using a 3-way 0r 4-way split so they are the only adviseable options or am i missing something
thanks for the replys

Yates himself followed a 2 day split for a big chunk of time when he first started training. It was only as he got larger that he decided his ever expanding frame needed more recovery for each muscle group.


“Up to the individual of course (how he wants to split stuff up), but just some stuff for you guys to think about.”

i might have another read of the blood and guts book.
thanks again for the responses guys!

You are asking people who have never tried your setup to give you advice on it. We can ONLY theorize about it, and talk about what MIGHT work or what might not work.

I say give it a go, train your ass off, and see how it goes.

No form of training done at 100% is useless, so even if it isnt a 10/10 program in terms of results(If that even exists…), the time wont be wasted.