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Yates Program vs Best Damn Strength

I’m debating on whether to do the Yates inspired program or the best damn strength program. My main goal is to get big but I do want to get strong in the main lift like bench Squat and deadlift.
Just don’t know if I can fit the 6 days per week into my schedule. Even though the more frequency is probably better than the Yates program which is 4 days a week. Anybody have any experience with either of these programs or any advice? Thanks.

… the one thing I was thinking about doing is the main lifts progression from the best damn strength workout into the Yates inspired program just for the first lift of the day and then follow the program for the rest of the workout.

Bench press- best damn strength progression
Incline- yates program 1x6-8 to failure
Fly- yates program
Barbell curl- yates program
Incline db curl- yates program

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