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Yates on Joe Rogan Podcast

Listening to it right now. Good stuff.
Love that Dorian tells it like it is. No bullshit.

Yeah I’m midway myself. Digging his dealing with injuries and why he didn’t need to keep training like a bodybuilder.


Very interesting in general as always with Yates. All that psychedelic drugs talk from around 2 hours in is pretty boring though!

Yates is undeniable a smart dude and still looks great, especially for 55. Hit on a ton of good info.

“Every single workout that I ever did from 1984 to 1997, I have in a training log.” I would definitely buy that book.

I also liked the straightforward comments on Levrone’s recent “comeback” and the jab about Shawn Ray, something like “That little guy is still upset he never beat me.” Ha. Weird with some of the comments about Zane. I listened yesterday so I’m trying to remember how he phrased it, but Yates said something like, “When Zane was competing, Arnold was Mr. Olympia because Arnold was bigger” as if Zane never won on his own. For sure Zane never beat Arnold at the O, but he still got there three times and he beat guys bigger than himself. Kinda strange.

Ha, general fans of Rogan who are into DMT and psychadelics probably said the same thing about that first hour with the bodybuilding talk.

Anyone who followed the sport in the '90s is going to know when he’s referring to Wheeler, or Levrone (who he mentions by name), and of course Ray (who will forever be bitter -lol).

I actually have journals for every contest I ever entered, and if you don’t mind the messy condition (stains from fake tanner, all sorts of crap I was eating backstage, and whatever grease marks resulted from training at a pretty poorly kept dungeon gym in Queens), I’m sure they’re a fascinating read for anyone curious about the process.

I always used Yates as the yardstick for “this is how you do it.” If you can’t assess your variables in a data driven manner, then how can you even begin to wonder what’s working and what isn’t?