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YAST (Yet Another Squat Thread)


Just how bad is it when the butt tucks at the bottom of the ROM?

I tried doing overhead squats today, and I'm able to balance the bar overhead just fine, but even so, I have a small "butt tuck" just as I break parallel.

Is this normal? Anything to worry about, or can I go ahead and add weight?


Do you mean it tucks in, or tucks out?

When I squat at the limit of the weight I can handle, I sometimes stick my butt out at the bottom, shifting the focus somewhat onto my lower back (sticking out the butt also means lowering the upper torso a little, rocking onto the front part of the foot, and changing the angle at the waist). But I'm only talking about a few centimeters here, I think.

This is something that I battle and work to fix & avoid, and is something people who know how to squat will notice. But it's no reason to hold off upping your weight, I think. It's just something to work on as you get stronger.


I'd imagine the "butt tuck" you are referring to is the flexion of the lumbar spine at the end of the squat movement. If I do full squats this happens to me during the last inch or two of the ROM. As far as it being bad for you, I'd say probably not, though the more flexed the lumbar spine is the more of a problem it will be since you are loading your spine. If you're experiencing some lower back strain just don't go down so far until you fix the problem. If it happens as early in the ROM as you describe(right as you break parallel) I would suggest lengthening the hamstrings, or try to keep your torso more upright.


Work on your hamstring flexibility.


I disagree with the hamstring flexibility issues (unless your hamstrings actually aren't flexible of course).

I think the major problem will come from gluteal inflexibility. Also, remember to pick a point a bit above eye-level and keep watching that point when you squat. Keep your eyes up, and your chest out. Really focus hard to keep the chest up, and stretch those glutes.

I highly suggest doing bulgarian squats to help with your hip ROM. Also, go as low as you possible can. Limiting your ROM too much will only make the problem worse.