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Yarmish's TRT Log


I never read the serving suggestion and it is 2-200mg tabs so that will work perfect. I always feel so much better when I am taking my magnesium thru out the day as well. I want to stay off the anxiety train as much as possible.


Yeah 1/2” is a little short for glutes. I use 1” all the way around. With the 1/2” you could add delts into your rotation.


3rd Pin last night went well, Anxiety has been all but gone since the initial pin last Wednesday night. I have noticed more of a gas tank while working out if that makes sense, not so much for strength.
Morning wood is on point


Thats great news.


4Th pin this morning and nothing new to report. Still feeling good, workouts feel strong and soreness is all but gone the day after.
For the last 8 or so years I would have DOMS after almost every session, coincidence maybe but an observation.


Another small update
I am in to week 3 now and still feeling good. Had my 5th pin last night and energy has been very steady and mental clarity is still great. Waiting for the shut down but hoping I don’t have many sides from it


6th pin today still feeling pretty good, not quite as energetic and awesome feeling as week 2 but hopefully that will come back once everything is settled in