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Yankees Red Sox Game


Ok, so I just came from the yankee/red sox game at fenway park and I find myself annoyed by the general population's view of steroids. When mighty A-Rod was at bat, the people started shouting "You used steroiiiids, you used steroiiiids!!!" I was like wtf people shut up he's like 220 lbs at 6'3' anyone can be that big with a little more than a year of training.


Red Sox fans are fucking morons. Bunch of stupid alcoholics up there in Boston.


LOL that reminded me of the guy that was sitting next to me. He kept grabbing this chick that was in front of him and about 20 years younger than him and she was like "WTF are you doing?" He did it like 10 times. NICE


Yankee fans are no better


You do realize that he did, in fact, use steroids, right?


And you do realize he plays for the Yankees and you were at Fenway where they (we) vehemently HATE the Yankees and use any excuse any character flaw to spew at and remind the Yankees of as naturally as if we were breathing.

It's the kind of environment when Boston plays in New York ... Personally I think you completely lost sight of where you were at and who was around you. I hope you didn't let it affect your enjoyment of a great game btw.



By the way- 0-7 this year against the Sox? They're like the Detroit Lions of the AL East. I fucking love it.


I went to the Tour de France last year and yelled "Fucking Dopers!!!" as all the cyclists went by. I felt good about that.



X2...but don't say anymore until the sox win tonight.


Every single one. Not one of the millions of Red Sox fans is not a fucking moron. Fair generalization I would say.




I wonder if a division winner has ever gone winless against the second place team over the course of the season?? :wink:

I'm just waiting for smoltz and bucholz to come back and ruin that rotation. And I'm also hoping papelbon gets hit by a bus lol.


I think it's too early in the season for this hate to be boiling up like this....

Even if the yanks' are really sucking it up right now :wink:

This reminds me of going to a New England Patriots vs Buffalo Bills game IN Buffalo. The fans there are f*cking ruthless. We had the backs of are seats BROKEN b/c the bills fans were slamming on them and screaming in our ears so loud. They soon got kicked out. lol

oh and we won. :slight_smile:

but i digress.....we can save the mass vs ny discussion for another thread.


Dude New Jersey is no better with all the fucking wannabe gangsters and guidos that run around and the shore should be shut down right now with all the fucking STDs that will be running around there in the summer months. I'm surprised the CDC hasn't quarantined the whole place.

But in general, I'd say 50% or more of all Red Sox fans suck and I am born and raised in Massachusetts. You know your team has fucking gone down hill when on any given night there are atleast three bachelorette parties there. Going there has become more of a scene than a game. I mean you can tell these people have no idea when every pop fly they stand up as if the lazy bloop the batter just hit is going out of the park. And am I the only one who thinks that Sweet Caroline is the fucking gayest thing to play during the 7th inning stretch?


go Blue Jays lol


This is one of the biggest problems that NYers have with Sox fans. Too many of them are bandwagon fans. They had the slightest interest in baseball (in general) before 2004. Less than 10 years ago Fenway was lucky to sell out 1/4 of its games. I understand that Yankee stadium has not been filled to capacity all of the time (especially in the 80's). But baseball was still huge in this city (based on my conversations with old people lol).

Yankee fans actually care about what is going on and Sox fans just want to heckle the Yankees.

Basically, what it comes down to is that there would not be Red Sox fans if the Yankees didnt exist.


I'm gonna come down there and teach you a lesson...

                        ... Just as soon as I sober up!


We would still be here. You just wouldn't know it.


I knew it was going down hill once I saw the pink Red Sox hat it should have had the Red Sox B with andwagon right to the side of it.

As for the last part sad but true. We needed an antagonist. Although the Red Sox sell out record began in 2003. Mostly do to the Red Sox coming so close and never making it to the promised land always losing to the "Evil Empire" in the ALCS, if they were lucky enough to make it past the ALDS. It could be the greatest resurgency in baseball.


The Phillies are still the world champs.

I have to say it as much as I can this year, since I won't be able to say it about any of my teams for another 25 years.


On a more relevant topic... The Yankess suck. Also, it doesn't matter if A-Rod did steroids, he's a douchebag anyway.