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Yahoo for size and strength

I have been interested in doing a short cycle for quite some time. Having changed my mind several times, I know I’m using primo, but I think i’d like to use Oxandrolone(Anavar) also. I need to gain strength while doing the cycle as well. I’m not sure how much strength i would gain in just a few weeks. Would this combination work though? If so how much Anavar would I need to use to get a good effect? Also I know Oxandrolone is pretty safe, so I don’t think I would have to add clomid. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Oxandrolone by itself is not very
effective. I’ve used 150 mg/day and been
disappointed. It needs to be combined
with a Class II, which Primo is not. So
I would not combine those two.

The idea people have that small milligram
amounts of oxandrolone either does give
a lot of effect, or should be expected to,
is just not the case. No pharmaceutically
available steroid will do a whole lot at
say 140 mg/week, yet people expect a lot
of 20 mg/day of oxandrolone. It doesn’t happen.

I was going to combine the two, Anavar and Primo, but if you don’t think it would be worth it, then is there another safe choice. I wanted to use the anavar because it is safe and effective at strength gains. I need something that will help me in the strength department as well. Any other options out there.

All anabolic steroids, when used at dosages
sufficient to gain size, also help you gain
strength. By no means is it necessary to
add oxandrolone in particular to gain strength:
in fact the great majority of world and national records in strength (e.g. powerlifting) were set by athletes who were
not using oxandrolone. There is nothing magic
about oxandrolone in that regard.

I’ll put it this way: if you get a gram of
oxandrolone for $100, that’s cheaper than
what most pay. You can get a gram of most
other steroids for half that or less, and
they will be equally effective. And actually
you may easily pay twice this amount for

Thanks for the reply Bill, but by using Primo alone at 400mgs/week, I would probably get neither good strength or weight gains. What should I use in contrast to Primo to help my gains. I know Winstrol tabs are always mentioned but anything else that might helpto kick in the strength gains more than the mass. I mean if I use Primo for mass and get a little strength, is there anything I could combine it with to help bring up the strength. Thanks.