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Yaaasss! Ya F'ing Dancer!!!!


My football team Glasgow Rangers beat those paedophile harbouring scumbags Celtic


That's the thing with American sports you just don't get the same passion that us Scots get. Especially in crazy ass high scoring sports like Basketball. How can you get worked up over a game that ends up 115-112.

Football can have 89 minutes of pent up intensity then BANG Fucking goal. Total release which is akin to popping your load over some birds tits while on an ecstasy binge.



How many threads do you have to make? and maybe we like actually seeing people score?


I know what you mean Blaze but I just think that watching teams CONSTANTLY score takes the edge off it a wee bit.

In saying that I truly appreciate the yanks MUST WIN attitude and the fact you don't get score draws.


I think thats why american football is nice. Most of the time there is not allot of scoring going on but its not 90 minutes of someone scoring just once.


You can "pop your load on some birds tits while on an ecstasy bing"?

No you cant.


I know Liv92 mate but when you have been sitting chomping at the bit in a cold football stadium waiting for a goal then it comes at 90 minutes then it's a total euphoria explosion. You can't even compare it.

Plus we sing beautiful songs and generate some atmosphere. LOL i went to a College football game in America and it was as flat as Lily Allens chest. Waving big foamy hands and screaming 'Go Tigers/Indians/Bears' can only get you so far.


Mate get your head out of Fritzls cellar and get with the times FFS.


We boring Americans also don't act like fucking apes and trample our own people to death over some dumb ass sport like you guys do.


Jack your shoes don't match

skinny jeans


That must be rugby you're talking about.

Americans are far from boring as well mate FFS. You only have to look at the way you nutters raped Deal or No Deal to see that.


Fuck you, you blue nosed bastard.



Acca Dacca T shirt. Guy has style!


Jack, in case you haven't noticed, no one gives a shit about 99.99% of your threads so far. In fact i don't know if you've started a useful one yet. You, my friend, are the definition of a stereotypical 09'er.

Also every time you post you make me wanna go out, find the nearest guy in skinny jeans and punch him in the balls.



What happened to your team the day big man? Big Monkey Heid Mowbary lol.

Maybe it will be another story at the Big Jock Knew Camp!


Yet you're posting in one LOL

Seriously mate take a break and try and do something positive instead of trolling threads lol


Dude, im posting in it because I along with a lot of others i think, could do without ur threads. I had to check this one out cuz i couldnt figure out the title. Wtf does that title even mean like for real?

And as for taking a break, you've been posting non-stop since you've joined.


Sorry Parsley big man I forgot you were the chosen voice of T-Nation.

Thread title is just an articulation of my emotional state at this present moment mate.


No, you physically cant.

MDMA wont let you get an erection while on a "binge"- "Popping over her tits" is virtually impossible.


Sons of William running the fucking show!


I'm not the "chosen voice of T-Nation" but i think you should check out the "raped by a bird" thread for some opinions about yourself. For example fuzzyapple says "I blocked Jack so I can't see his shitty posts. Life is great. But to my surpirse this thread was not created by him. There is a God"