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Y3T - 9 Week Cycle or Constant?

I’ve been reading up on this recently and even talk to some people in my gym about it. It looks good, and makes sense, but the BB.com videos say it’s a 9 week cycle, repeating the 3 weeks 3 times. I know people who are currently bulking who have been on this for almost 18 weeks now and plan to stick to it until they cut. Is there any reason they shouldn’t do that, or why Neil says 9 weeks? I’ve quizzed them and they said they’re getting bigger, keeping quite lean and all their lifts are increasing. A bit puzzled.


Go back to BB.com?

Seriously, read on up it or better yet, watch the video and it will explain why the 9 weeks??

Do one cycle, then do a circa-max phase using at least 80% band tension, then check to see if you’ve exceeded your Butt ceiling.

This is really like asking why do we have 3 week cycles on 5/3/1. Well because this is the way the program was written! The guys down there probably know their shit better than you do, so watch their goddamn videos. If you don’t like what you see, then don’t do it. End of story.

do it for 8 weeks…