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Xyience Commercial


Has anyone seen that hilarious Xyience commercial with the ring girl? They always show it during UFC stuff, which I'm sure has mostly male fans. She says "try fitting into a pair of these," and presents some tiny underwear type of thing.

I would bet most of us don't WANT to FIT into a pair of those, and if that girl even had any semblance of an ass, she wouldn't fit into them either.

I also love how serious she looks when she says "you've gotta get Xyience."


I think she's hot as hell.


She has a nice body, but I don't really like her face. Her tan looks fake and she plucks her eyebrows weird.

It goes without saying I'd hit it until I lost feeling below my waist.


I give them props for at least trying to market supplements to women.

That being said, it ain't got SHIT on the Fahrenheit commercial.


Why do they do that with the word? If a product tastes like cheese but only contains fake cheese, they have to screw with the spelling. In this case I guess no real science was used in the making of the product.
Do people realy go for schtick like that?


? Is the original poster of this thread a female. Otherwise, I'm going to have to wonder where your johson is at. Because I know where mine is when I watch that girl on all four looking like she's ready for a serious round of smash-box...much better then x-box!


No, I'm just not attracted to nassitalls. Skinny girls with no ass don't do it for me.

However, somebody like Melyssa Ford (above) blows the Xyience girl out of the water. To me, this girl has the perfect body.




escot4 wrote:
No, I'm just not attracted to nassitalls. Skinny girls with no ass don't do it for me.

Don't worry escot, she probably isn't into you either.

I'm with everyone else on this issue. The xyience girl is a 10. That's a "pay to drink her bath water 10."


Ya that commercial makes me laugh as well, it's so overdone it's halarious!

My bf says my ass is much nicer than hers anyhow :wink:


I'll say....


You'll say what? lol


NEWSFLASH! Even if he thought it wasn't as nice as the xyience girl's ass he wouldn't tell you. But I'm sure you already know that :slight_smile:


Ha, I know he wouldn't tell me if he thought hers was nicer. But he wouldn't tell me mine IS for no reason and not mean it :wink:


The reason: He knows complimenting you will somehow lead to more sex for him.


He'll say "prove it".


Think what you may but that's not the case here, there's no need for him to pay me fake compliments to get sex out of me lol, that would be sad! Let's just leave it at I know him and I know when he's being honest, he's a no bullshit kinda guy, wouldn't bother buttering me up unless he meant it. He doesn't need to butter me up to get into my pants and he knows it! Nor is he even then type to do that if that were the case.