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XXL Testosterone T-Shirts

Hello fellow T-mag readers,

I don’t know if anyone cares but in the Reader’s Mail section of this week’s issue TC said that if enough people e-mailed Tim requesting XXL t-shirts, he would consider making them. I just sent Tim an e-mail requesting this very thing, and I think that any other readers out there that are too big for the XL t-shirts should do the same thing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no monster, but I am too big for the XL t-shirts, their almost restrictive.

So, if there are any readers out there that feel the same way I do, e-mail Tim and request the larger size t-shirts.

Thanks Harley

I agree with you. An XXL T-shirt would do nicely. Not that it is my top priority or concern, but I would like to see a new designed T-shirt. Maybe a new color? Maybe shorts or warm-ups? My workout wardrobe is very limited. Obviously this isn’t T-mag’s top priority either. Would be cool if you they hired some people to solely work on that area though.

Considering that the t-shirt consumers are lifters, xxl should be available.

Hey, how about the guys on the other end of the spectrum? I’m talking about some medium-sized T-shirts! I’m only 5’4’ and 142lb. Obviously, the large is a little too big for me to wear out and look good. I only wear it when I’m bumming it to run an errand or something.

I’d like to have a medium that I could wear out anytime! And yeah, I think shorts would be a good idea too! I can always use more shorts for training!

I live in Florida and my gym doesn’t have AC (this place is hardcore), so shorts are all I wear when training! Even in the winter.

And yeah, I would like some medium-sized shorts too!

I think that now that Testosterone/Biotest seem to be doing well, they can broaden their line of apparel. But, like TC said Tim will only make changes if people voice their opinions. Therefore, e-mail Tim and try to get other people to do the same.

i agree, at 215 lbs its too tight-i like it to be loose too-hey what about a hat? that would be great too.