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XxElitexX's Diet: Critiques Welcome


Breakfast: 55g whey protein and 3 eggs or fruit
70g Protein, 14 fat, 4 carbs, 420 cals

Lunch: Chix breast and brown rice
30g Protein, 1g fat, 80 carbs, 300 cals

Mid Afternoon: Beef Jerkey
44g Protein, 4g fat, 28g carbs, 320 cals

Dinner: Top Sirloin Steak and A1 steak sauce
40g protein, 4g fat, 10g carbs, 300 cals

PWO: 55g whey protein and 80g dextrose
55g protein, 2g fat, 80g carbs, 600 cals

PPWO: Chix Breast and brown rice
30g protein, 1g fat, 80g carbs, 300 cals

Evening: 8 eggs 1 yoke w/ cheddar cheese
54g protein, 20g fat, 6 carbs, 540 cals

Cheat meals I will be doing 3 a week but not going overboard, I will stick it to subway or quiznos and take with a pro shake. Will be doing cardio 3 times a week.


What exactly are your goals, and your plan? Are you bulking, cutting, maintenance level? One thing I do see, is that your P/C and P/F ratios are out of wack. Increase your fats to about 80-90g/day in the form of fish oils, EV olive oil, some sats, and nuts- walnuts and almonds.

I noticed that one of your meals is like 70g P, 4g C. Unless you bring your ratios back into place and incorporate some fiber, you will be shitting a brick, or not shitting at all. Check out Berardi's Lean Eating articles for better meal selection, and also look at the TDawg 2.0 diet, as this has a great P+C, P+F plan. -Starkdog


What's the goal here???

Looks like you may be dieting, but in another thread you saw you need to bulk?

Make up your mind what it is you're trying to accomplish, and then ask and it will be answered or the answer will be directed to you by way of linkage to articles on what you need to read.

IMO, if you're dieting, this is too many carbs, and too spread out in the day. Add more fats and eat most of your carbs early in the day before 2pm.


Excuse me for not clearing up my goals on the first post. My goal is to put bulk while staying relatively lean, cant stand having any extra fat. So I guess you could say that the diet is in an effort to "lean bulk". My goal is to make it around 195 @ 7%.




See CT's new article on the main page where he says that he never gained serious mass until he got over his carb phobia. This is definitely a T-dawg type diet you've listed. Even for fat burning you need more veggies and fruit or you're gonna be Captain Constipation. For gaining size, Massive Eating is a great place to start.


Well....it isn't anywhere close to T-Dawg. He's getting nearly 300g of carbs per day. T-Dawg only allows 70-100.

I'd Increase the fat first. At least double your fat intake. At that caloric intake, you need 80-110g of fat.


Agreed. You need more fruits and veggies in your diet. I don't know about the particular carb choices you're making (rice is fine, but I wouldn't eat it several times a day). You need more variety and more healthy foods.


Become acquainted with the whole grain rolled oats + Grow! + Blueberry combination. I believe it is very popular amongst T-men and women as it is delicious and has a very high nutritional value.

Good luck


You are not eating enough food to grow, not enough calories carbs or fat. I would say up the food and throw in some cardio if you want to keep the fat off. As you know, having 2 goals at one time is virtually impossible to do without anabolics. It's like someone saything they want to lose fat and gain muscle, it's a holy grail.
I would use the diet you have right now to cut. Good luck



You're absolutely right. Thanks for pointing that out. Big mistake on my part. I think I got fixated on the 4g of carbs for breakfast. Holy crap! I'm also shocked by the lack of variety. Berardi's helped me break that old habit too. Variety, variety., variety.


That is assuming he's eating this same menu every single day.