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I’m thinking about ordering an xvest to wear during cardio(maybe for bodyweight exercises too). Has anyone had any problems wearing a heart rate monitor under one? What weight would you recommend? The 84lb. is expensive but I don’t want to outgrow one of the lighter ones.


The 40lb is all you really need unless you are a monster or something. We use the 84lb vest for holding martial art stances, firefighter or military training or for those who can’t/won’t squat with a bar.

The 40 lb is great for your cardio and GPP training, anymore and your form will start to break down and you probably wouldn’t get the full benefit from it.

I throw on the 40lber and go hiking for about an hour or so the day after a heavy squat day as active recovery.

I’d suggest the 40 pound as well.

I’m 6’2", 225 and usually keep it loaded to 20 lbs if I’m doing bodyweight exercises. I only use 40 if I’m working around the house, like mowing the lawn or something and then only for a short period of time.

I’ve tried loading it to 40 for bodyweight exercises and felt it in my knees the next few days.

I’d go with the 84 pounder. 40 pounds is probably great for GPP and cardio, but for dips/pullups, etc… you may eventually want to go over 40.

Why go for 84 lbs just because you may want to go that high for dips/pullups. Couldn’t you just use a belt to hang weights from for these exercises. I realize there’s a difference in weight distribution when using a belt, but does it really make a big enough difference to buy the bigger vest. What about when you go over 84 lbs for dips/pullups. Personally I can’t pullup more than bodyweight for 3x8 pullups, but my dip is coming along nicely and I’m sure I’m gonna be using two biggies at some point in the next couple years - more than a 84 lb vest.

I’m looking at a vest too just for GPP. I would use it for pullups and dips, but for the few mins that you do those exercises doesn’t seem worth it to go overboard with the big vest.

newb question, whats GPP training acronym stand for?

GPP: General Physical Preparedness.

You can still order the 40lb. for the price of the 20lb. from Coach Davies’ website, here:


I just got mine and 40 doesn’t sound like a lot but it is a different kind of 40lbs., it will be much heavier than you think.