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Has anyone here trained using weight vests…I know Tnet liked the Xvest i was wondering if anyone else had any feedback.

Wearing/carrying anything weight is great for extra walks or for sustained cardio.

I prefer the weighted gym bag though, as it only cost me $10 to make. Plus you can shift the weight around to fatigue different muscles. 62 at elitefts has a post about that.

i think it would be a great investment, but i can’t bring myself to pay the $$

The xvest is one of the best tools in my arsenal. I use it daily for GPP work (sled draging, sledge hammer work, etc), and while doing things around my wife’s horse farm (an hour or so a day).

The xvest is great for pull-ups, dips, jump squats, etc. I also use mine for hand stand push-ups, but I had to add a harness which keeps it from sliding down. This was pretty easy to do since the xvest has an attachment eyelet in front and back.

I think it’s a good peice of equipment to have. But I prefer the cheap ghetto version: backpack+weight plates!

Its an amazing product. I wrote an article on it for use with many compound lifts and have found the impact very dramatic with my athletes on core and leg development. After roughly a 3 week period power output on the major lifts tested have all went up significantly. If you’re interested in discussing how I’ve been using it in training - just ask.

BTW - I apologize for the ad copy but if you visit my site, you’ll find it at a reduced price.

In faith,

Coach Davies

Coach Davies:

Any info you can provide would be great. I just got mine and haven’t had a chance to use it yet. I play ice hockey and was thinking about using it during practices and scrimmages or perhaps even for open skating sessions. Any programs you can point me to would be great.

Lucid…can you tell me in on your weight and a basic example of your training. If you feel more comfortable sending a PM on that its fine.

I will be happy to give you ideas on what we’ve been doing with it.

In faith,

Coach Davies

Or alternatively you could just pig out on chocolate and doughnuts, cheaper and more fun!

But excellent piece of kit. One of the guys down our vale tudo centre had one, got to use it for shoot drills. Jeez I was gassing in half the time but when you take it off you feel like you can fly!

I have one and like it. It’s great for the glute ham bench and other exercises already mentioned.


I read through your PM and want to make sure that you understand that my athletes use the Xvest an incredible amount and while it is great for what you noted, you should expand on it. I employ it in virtually all elements of our training with very precise loads, passive work outside of the gym (i.e. wearing it for long durations during the day) and with regeneration work (cold water walks). The impact has been extraordinary.

Please let me know if you and questions and how I can assist your efforts.

In faith,

Coach Davies

What are you planning to do with your vest?

If just dips and pullups you will quickly outgrow it.

I have also found attaching a band to a belt is another great way to resist.

The xvest is much more versatile, then just a dip, or pull-up accessory. Although I only had mine for a couple of weeks, and have not utilized it in all my workouts, I don’t see why one couldn’t. It is comfortable enough to do OL in, so I plan on using it during some of my workout blocks (timing is key to OL, so using it all the time could be counter productive).

I have not skated in it yet, and I doubt that I would wear it (at least not all 40 lbs) during hockey practice, but I plan on using it during open skate sessions.

HI coach davis

Im still trying to get a camera to film my landing.

your ideas are great as laways. I will ask however if the contsnat wearing wont impair technique and motor patterns, especialy for me since aim in rehab/post-rehab AND need gpp for that :slight_smile:



Rick (or other’s) if you’re going to use it skate work please consider (a) your technical skill work and how you’re on your edges and (b) postural positioning. I would suggest, assuming your form is solid, starting at 5% of bodyweight. But I stress - proper form must be maintained.

In faith,

Coach Davies


As soon as you get filmed just send - lol, so slow I think I’ll see you before. Can you PM me your injury again ? thanks.

In fact, you’ll find that proper use of the Xvest you will actually re-inforce proper movement patterns and ultimately better performance. But that takes a real dedication to your training concepts.

In faith,

Coach Davies

I’d be using it for much more than lifting…I play football so I would be using it in position specific drills as well as speed drills because more so tha strengh I want to increase speed. Coach Davis I apologize for my ignorance but your site is the Renegade Training correct? Also one quick question…does anyone know an excersice that compliments the glute ham raise well?

Phoenix1911 - yes, my site is renegadetraining.

With regards to complimentary exercises to the Glute Ham, there is an enormous amount of movements. Can you fill me in you deficiencies and maybe I can help?

In faith,

Coach Davies

i went to order my x vest and was unsure if the site is secure for credit card transactions. i copped out at the last second.

i live in scotland also so if anyoine can share insights about shippoing etc it would be much appreciated


I purchased an X Vest and love it! I prefer using the vest over plates hanging from a belt when performing Pull-ups with weight. I also use it when I do dips. I also use it for cardio, such as in long hikes.