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XVest Alternative

So, I ordered an XVest 84lbs from EFTS in June. JUNE. Four months later, after back and forth customer service communications, shipping refunds and multiple promises from EFTS that the manufacturer would ship it in x weeks, today they emailed/refunded me saying they could not ship/have dropped the product due to problems with the manufacturer.

…I just want a heavy ass weight vest for conditioning. My Google skills cannot find me an alternative outlet, Amazon is out of stock; it seems maybe manufacturing has halted? But I need a vest, so A) this is a PSA about XVests and B) I ask for the next best thing/other sources? I’ll continue to search old threads but all current experiences/recommendations are welcomed!

Please and thanks.

I have an MiR vest. Mine is the short double row one that tops out at 60 lbs but they have a long triple row that tops out at 90 if I remember correctly. My vest is well built and I have no complaints about it. I prefer the short vest because it’s less restrictive and easier to move in but the trade off is that it holds less weight, so consider how you want to use it before making the purchase.

I have the same as some_dude and I love it. I keep it in my car and if I see park, empty school, or just feel like walking, I pull over and go. Mine is the 60 lb too.

I have the MiR that holds 90 and leave the bottom rows empty and train with 60 for now but will add weight in the future. It’s a high quality vest, I recommend it.

Just bought the 90, thanks guys!

a weight vest and a big sledding hill is a magical combination. The 1/4 mile walk back to the truck extends the fun.