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XTREME Pain In Elbows


i didnt know exactly where to post this so i figured here would be best bet..i have begun lifting heavier and heavier and as of my past 2-3 workouts i have noticed a shooting pain and cramps in both of my elbows and the surrounding area (i honestly cant tell if its in a muscle or a tendon or what) and i was wondering where this could be comming from..is it a matter of form...or too much weight..or what..the thing is, i have no problem lifting the weight as it does not really affect my performance, it just fuckin hurts and i dont want it to begin to affect performace..so im takin a couple days off to see if that works..anyone know what is going on? how to fix it? experience same thing?


Get this checked out by professionals NOW.

No, seriously. I got RSI in my wrists, elbows [both inside and outside] and shoulders when I was younger and stupider. It has taken years to fix up and will still flare up unless I am careful.


what is RSI??
damn now im kinda scared