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XS Energy Drink and B-Vitamins

I’m testing out the XS Energy drink, the first thing I would like to know is if anyone here has tried it out, how did you like it? How early before activity should you drink it and etc.

On the other hand, the biggest content of ingredients I see in these drinks are B complex vitamins. From what I’ve learned, B-complex vitamins basically break down carbs for the most part.

So would it be effective to take some dextrose or maltodextrin with the XS energy drinks, or eat some type of carb loaded food in the morning for breakfast so that the b-complex vitamins have plenty of carbs to break down?

Anyway here are some urls to the XS Energy nutritional info as well.



My flavor:www.xsgear.com/info/rootbeer.asp

KingsRevenge, if you’re already eating any of the following …

  • oats
  • barley
  • corn
  • brown rice
  • blackstrap molasses
  • legumes (like peanuts or peanut butter)
  • whole grains
  • nuts
  • seeds

… which are all high in B vitamins, then it is unlikely that you will notice any difference in your energy levels by increasing your Vitamin B intake. It’s when there’s a deficiency that someone will notice an increase in energy by consuming B vitamins.

Honestly, I think you’d get a bigger bang for the buck by using Spike and/or Power Drive, optimizing PWO nutrition, reducing carbs that elicit a high insulin response at other times of the day, reducing caffeine intake if you’re drinking a lot of caffeinated drinks and coffee to help keep mentally “up.”

There are a number of things that should be looked at if energy levels are less than optimal.

My reservations aside, there isn’t anything wrong with buying a few bottles or cans and seeing if it gives you the results for which you are hoping.

fuk quixtar and XS

you cant absorb 2000% percent of your daily vitB in a liquid. it has to be administered by a shot. thats why people get vitB shots instead of drinking it. it tastes fine, has some caffiene and thats where the energy comes from.

all other QUIXTAR nutritional products are complete CRAP. and its not just because i hate the slimy multi level marketers. it’s all marketing and cheap cheap product at super inflated prices.

sorry. a nerve was struck.

Thanks for the responses. So am I at least correct in assuming that there needs to be some carbs flowing in the system in order for b-complex vitamins to be used?

No need for extra carbs.

Excess vitamins generally serve no purpuse in a non-deficient state.
For example, Vit B12 is an integral part of erythropoeisis (formation of red blood cells) where deficiency lead to megaloblastic anemia.

However, you are not going to go above your baseline of red blood cells if you start dosing yourself with 10 000% RDI of Vit B12 (it won’t make you full of red blood cells).

(Niacin for hyperlipedemia might be a counter-example)

Vitamins tend to be co-enzymes, helping enzymes do their job (of breaking down fats and carbs or building protein, RNA or DNA).

The excess vitamin Bs will not do anything for you, it will not give more energy nor will it help loose fat or build muscle if you are not in a deficient state.

Vitamins are generally not the selling point of a product, unless its vitamin pills.

Hope that helps,

Also, there are always carbs flowing in your system. A non-diabetic usually has a relatively stable blood glucose level all day long.


I had a membership to Quixtar last year and tried some of the products, including XS. I thought the taste was okay, but I didn’t get much of an energy boost out of it.

Spike Shooters, on the other hand, give me an incredible energy and mind boost that lasts 8-12 hours and just makes me feel damn good. And I like the taste!

Thanks for the great comments now I know where to stand on this stuff. Atleast I got some tasty rootbeer flavor to keep me motivated. I’ll try out the Spike Shooter next time.