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Xmas thanks to T-mag

I would like to thank everyone at T-mag and BioTest for providing us with the best supplements and FREE training info available.

Tell your friends and even your enemies about T-mag. I am being selfish but I would like to keep these people around for awhile.

Sully (not Sully26)

I second that, and encourae others to bump any other OT threads in an attempt to bury the senseless political debates!

: )

Happy Holidays.

This is the “sully” who effortlessly jacks telephone poles over his head, isn’t it?

Regardless, I’ve had T-Mag’s back numerous times all around the internet, and always will have.

You cannot beat the wealth of free, quality information available at the click of a mouse. And you can print the stuff out, even! I have a three ring binder full of quality training and nutrition information.

“But they advertise and sell their own supplements!” Big deal. The site, the information, everything is free. If you don’t want to buy the supplements, don’t.

Thanks, T-Mag.