Xmas Songs


Some of these are funny.

Trans Siberian Orchestra.

Not funny, but awesome christmas stuff.

I like this one haha

You know Dave Tate and Wendler
Matt Rhodes and Bartley,
Chad Aichs and J Frey,
And Justin and Shelby
But do you recall
The most hardcore lifter of all?

Matt Kroc the biggest Polak
Had a very tight t-shirt (like a young girl)
And if you ever saw it,
You would even say it showed (both his nipples)
All of the other lifters
Use to laugh and call him names (like bodybuilder)
But they still let big Matt Kroc
Join in all the lifters fun (like the seminars)

But then one winter afternoon,
Wendler came to say,
Matt Kroc with your shirt so tight,
Im gonna film your rows tonight
Then all the lifters loved him
As he grunted after each rep (UGH)
Matt Kroc the biggest Polak
You?ll go down in history(for your Kroc rows!)

And this one.

'Twas two days before Christmas and all through the gyms, Iron was flying by the power of limbs.

The chains were all hung on the squat bar with care, enough links on the ground to keep them from swinging in air.

The The Prowler was loaded, damn hard to push sleds, and Wendler was finishing a set of 560 deads.

When in the Monolift there arose such a clatter, looks like Dave Tate, didn’t he used to be fatter?

He positioned his body Under the Bar, loaded with the weight of a small import car.

The bar was all nestled snug in his delt, his abs began bracing hard on the Belt.

Down to the Box he went with control, after this set is finished, time to Foam Roll.

Some pics for the website to show that he’s fitter, then back to the office to update his Twitter.

Then Facebook, then bebo, then Linkedin, then Flickr

The Blackberry’s nice, but a laptop is quicker.

Then I heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight, “Free shipping to all, but not overnight.”