Xmas Party: Embarrassing Yourself

Friday was the xmas party, and today was a long long awkward day at work.

The night began at 6.30pm round a friends house. I finished work at 5 and didnt get a chance to have anything to eat. I thought i’d hit the buffet at the party anyway. 8 of us took turns playing 4 player Pro Evolution Soccer drinking games. Take 2 fingers when you concede a throw in or corner. 2 fingers for giving away a goal kick. Down when you concede a goal. Down when you get a red card. I ended up doing 3/4 of a 70cl bottle of vodka by 8.30. I dont remember the taxi ride to the party.

My mates told me that they dont know how they even let me in. I was that bad.

I’ve been getting emails, funny looks, stories of what i did…some i remember some i dont…and basiaclly laughed at all day. The stories varied from person to person. Most said i was good natured others said i was a bit of a twat. As soon as I sat at my desk this morning the girl who sits opposite told me how i’d upset her by telling her “You think you’re the fucking boss” and subsequently trying to steal her drink.

I have been accused of shagging some girl in the toilet and apparently was seen coming out of the toilets with 2 girls. What am I some sort of fucking super stud now? I have vague recollections of trying to chat up a number of women without discrimination. I grabbed some girls ass. I got in an argument with a colleague because I said something out of turn about his ex.

I ended up going home with the company bike and subsequently pissing off my fuck buddy, who apparently wanted to be more than a fuck buddy, and by way of revenge shagged one of my mates!

All of this is so out of character for me it is untrue. But then I haven’t got that fucked up in years. The office party was not the time. Never again.

lucky you didn’t get fired.

i know i was bricking it this morning. Its a big company and a fairly big party so might have gone under the radar of the big boys

Sounds like a fairly standard night out in Renton world. Way to go bro!

Yeah, I got completely smashed at the company Christmas party on Thursday. My girl had more to drink than I did.

I was saying some pretty ballsy things and we were dancing like we were at a club on x or something.

I remember talking to the President of our office for about 30 minutes before leaving.

It actually went over pretty well.

It also wasn’t that bad as there were people from about four different companies there and very few from ours.

Hold up.

I thought that in order to work in that UK you had to be drunk.

I thought being dubbed the “town drunk” was an honor (or honour to you guys). :wink:

[quote]AdamC wrote:
i know i was bricking it this morning. Its a big company and a fairly big party so might have gone under the radar of the big boys[/quote]

Could have only been better if it was one of the lady bosses you took home. Seriously mate, if you are gonna screw up at an xmas party you need to raise your game just a little further :wink:

Chewie - town drunk isn’t quite the accolade over here that you might imagine. What AdamC did though puts him up there with the best. lol.

Last Christmas after drinking much wine, I was wearing my biker jacket and plaid pajama pants walking around down town screaming at homeless people, “MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!” Much of that night I don’t remember.

I fucking hate blacking out, the negative part is I black out LONG before I pass out.

I’m a menace to society when I drink heavily, too.

I feel ya, stuff like that sucks. I pulled one of those this semester.

My cousin lost his job after doing much worse at a company Christmas party. I was going to go to mine this past Saturday but decided against, only bad can happen by having an open bar with your bosses there!

Did you remember to dance like Elaine Benes?