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Xmas Home Gym Ideas


This is my home gym that I share space with the kids video games and the holiday decorations in the basement. Christmas is coming, what else do I need that the kids can get for me?

I keep hoping the wife will hang some clothes on the chin tower so I can skip that part of the workout :slightly_smiling: I started out with 2 at 38 but Jillybop inspired me with one of her posts and I am up to 10 now at 40. Seems like slow progress...




Damn nice! You are lucky


I'm up to 7, you'd better keep going! :wink:

Nice set-up. I'd like to start acquiring a few pieces at home, too. How old are your kids? Do they train with you at all? It's kind of hard to tell just what you have there. Is that a type of rack you can squat and bench with? (sorry if that's a stupid question)

Have you seen BiggJames' thread with all the pics of his home gym? It's sweeeeeet :slight_smile:


Not as nice a BiggJames' set up but here is the rack, Hopefully thi pic will come through. I had to have one that had something to catch the bar if I dropped it. No spotter in the family.

I just watched Sam's club and Dunham's for the clearance stuff every spring.

The 3 yo and 8 yo girls try to work out with me. I tried chasing them out but they have to do it. The 8yo can do chins now but the others are not that motivated.


How about some dumb bells to go on that rack? Looks pretty empty to me.
I wish I had a picture of my freinds set up to give you some ideas. It's a mini World's gym in his basement.


Depending on your budget, you may consider some gymnastic training equipment, maybe something like a pair of parallettes or a pommel dome. Great bodyweight work and the kids can have fun on them too. Hanging a set of rings from the ceiling would allow you to take out the Chin/dip bar. Just a few ideas,


great idea on the rings.

Two of my kids are into gymnastics so I'll check into that as well.




How about the IRINMIND sandbag kit. (I did the dufflebag/3-3 mil. trashbag(s) thing with great success but this is easier and more colorful.




Check american-gymnast.com. They sell them in a couple of versions. The PVC version is pretty easy to figure out on your own. I built mine for about $10 worth of supplies from Home Depot.
Hope this helps.


I just use adjustable dumbells. I have plenty of plates so the cost vs benefit isn't that good. I've been hoping to find a good set at a garage sale but no luck yet.

I finally figured out how to do the resizing of my photos so here is a better pic of my rack and the "box" for my box squats.


NICE BOX...LOL...I think my grandparents had the same one...

Love your home gym btw...