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Xmas Holiday Pics

Over the xmas break my fiance and I went down to the beautiful state of Tasmania, which is the little island off the southern coast of Australia. Tassie is renowned for its beautiful scenery and seafood, and we enjoyed alot of both. I highly recommend it as a destination for anyone who hasn’t visited it. This photo is of my girl on one of the beaches we visited.

Tasting the local oysters - the biggest and the best in the world.

This is me. This is also my first post of a pic of myself… i know i need to work on my chest and legs. But I’m not pumped up or posing so be nice!! any comments are welcome though.

It looks like a good time. Thanks for sharing the view.

This is a pic of Wine Glass Bay from about half way through our long bush walk across the hills to get to it…amazing countryside!

come visit queensland!!!

Hi buddy

I live in nsw,never been to tassie but chris aus mate ive been to queensland and i must say its a great place(love the wheather)

Great pics mate ,looks like u had a great time.

im assuming u live in Aus?? if u dont u should because its the greatest country in the world :slight_smile:

Also have the best athletes in the world for the population of our country anyway,just thought id throw that in :stuck_out_tongue:


We are both from Melbourne. I have been pretty much everywhere in Aus and I must say that Qld & NSW do have 2 of my favourite destinations, #1 would have to go to NSW though - Byron Bay. I spent Xmas & New Years up there last year camping with a group of 6 mates and we had an absolutely awesome time, that place rocks!! Qld comes a close second with Noosa. The Gold Coast can piss off though - too much commercial bullshit - not enough relaxation.

I visited Byron Bay recently, and i have to say got the most hottest chicks i’ve ever seen. Rarely see an ugly one.

Definitely agree, Byron seems to attract the hottest girls in the world…and they all seem to want to take their tops off for some reason!! But how good is the Beach Hotel and that funky bar called La La Land? oh the memories, I will have to get back there soon.

NSW number 1??? dont know about that. i will concede that byron is awesome though! i actually think that byron should be classed as part of queensland simply because it is too good for new south wales :stuck_out_tongue:


Lookin’ good Stu, looks like a beautiful spot to vacation. When I hit Australia, I’ll definitely take a spin through Tasmania.