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Xmas Gift For a Girl That Trains?


Hello. I was hoping to get a little help with ideas for an Xmas gift for my lovely wife.

She's been training for about 10 years, but recently had our daughter on July 15, so she's totally out of her routine. She's breastfeeding too, which complicates things a bit because she feels that she can't adjust her diet the way she normally would.

She usually does a 90 minute workout with 1/2 on weights and 1/2 on cardio. She does a lot of upper body and core work with the weights. Almost no lower body work with weights - she just runs and runs.

I have some ideas, but I want to get her something that she'll love and use over and over. If anyone has any ideas for something in the following categories, I would appreciate the info.

Home Gym: I'm building a gym in our basement. We have an exercise ball and an oly bench that I use. We haven't really put much of anything down there for her yet. Is there any equipment you gals can't live without? If so, do you have a specific brand?

Clothes: She's got plenty of clothes, but women can usually put more stuff to use, and she wouldn't mind something new. Does anyone have a certain brand of clothes they absolutely love?

Gear: She's got an ipod with the shoe thing that tracks mileage, but she never really uses it. Does anyone have another piece of gear they can't live without?

Books: Does anyone have a book or two that really helped them along in their training and nutrition? A lot of her problem is that she is having a hard time getting back in the saddle after pregnancy.

Any feedback would be very much appreciated. Thanks.



Gloves. Keep those hands smooth and pretty.


rolls eyes

Chalk. Belt. Bands. Chains. A cage. A prowler. Teach her how to squat and deadlift. A nice ass is the gift that keeps on giving.


Precision Nutrition or Gourmet Nutrition


No ideas on the home gym, but for clothes I love Nike. The cut on their stuff is perfect & always looks sleek.

If she showers at the gym you might get her a collection of nice travel size moisturizers, shampoos, etc. Also solid perfume so it won't spill & is gym-bag safe.

One book I really love is Strength Training Anatomy by Frederic Delavier. Also Super Women: 100 Women-100 Sports by Jodi Buren is hugely inspiring & my personal favorite. There's also Fearless Women by Nancy Alspaugh, and The Right Words At The Right Time by Marlo Thomas. All these books are quickies she can jump into at any point in the book & enjoy for just a few minutes at a time.


I completely misread the title of this thread.


Case in point.

Tomboys are fun to hang out with, but not for dating or fucking. I don't want a boyfriend, neither do most dudes.

He should teach her squats and deadlifts along with virtually all other compounds, but with gloves.


The funniest part about this is that I'm pretty sure you're serious.

note the lack of gloves. While I can't prove that they have callouses the amount of pulling that O-lifters do would seem to strongly suggest that they have them. So assuming that that makes them tomboys as far as you're concerned, would you really be all that averse to dating one of them?


My gym now doesn't have a locker room, but back when I used to shower at the gym I loved the 3 in one's by philosophy.

They're shampoo, shower gel, and bubble bath so you can just wash everything with them and they come in a huge variety of scents. You can get them off amazon, I don't know where to buy them otherwise.

My husband bought me some cute pink gloves last year and I wore them for awhile, but haven't lately. I'm pretty girly girl though, and I don't really have a problem keeping my hands nice as long as I moisturize and what not.

A massage is always nice, or a spa day. It might help her get started again. Having a baby is rough stuff.


Hey, it's his personal preference. Just like I prefer strong men, he prefers weak women (in the kitchen, where they belong!). I don't match his preference, he doesn't match mine. We'll just have to agree not to date or fuck. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes I would. While they both had pretty faces, they are way too manly for me. And I hate it when girls have rough hands. It's as bad as terrible teeth for me.

The pic is more what I'm in to.


Hey, it's his personal preference. Just like I prefer strong men, he prefers weak women (in the kitchen, where they belong!). I don't match his preference, he doesn't match mine. We'll just have to agree not to date or fuck. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Assumptions can be fun. I'm confident that I'd lift circles around the majority of this site. But you are right, you are not my type.

And I prefer slutty, feminine women not so much weak. If weakness is the basis of their sluttiness, then so be it. I like confident in control types just out for sex too. Really, I just like pussy.

Anyways, your hands are ugly. And thanks I guess for the pic reply? Maybe I struck a chord or you just wanted to showcase your ugly hands?


Well done sister.


I don't think its about preferring weak women. I think a lot of guys like there to be a very distinct difference betwen the sexes. Men are usually the ones expected to bhave the rough hands etc. A lot of men probably prefer their woman to have very soft skin all over. Not trying to start any kind of debate here, just something i've noticed. I personally think oly chicks are very hot.

To the OP, try getting her a cool chick's shirt from elitefts. They have some humorous stuff.


Yes I would. While they both had pretty faces, they are way too manly for me. And I hate it when girls have rough hands. It's as bad as terrible teeth for me.

The pic is more what I'm in to.

Really? very interesting. for teh record, that is a nice pic you put up of your type, I dont really see much of a difference between them, so i guess I go for both "types." I dont usually go for girls that are really skinny/lacking in curves. But when I was watching the youtube videos the last thing that came to my mind was the word "manly" - I definitely see a difference between their body-type and that of a professional female bodybuilder


The only similarity between the girls is a pretty face. THe girls in the video were too muscular for my tastes. Less bulk, similar muscle tone would be ideal.

I do love curves, but they have to be sexy curves. Big boned, fat and obese women calling themselves "curvy" doesn't count. Those youtube women were not fat or big boned, but were too muscular for my tastes. And i bet their farts smell as bad as mine after fish oil and protein supps. Nasty.

As der candy mentioned, I like a woman to be feminine, not necessarily weak. Slender, toned, long hair, soft skin, painted finger and toe nails, flower scented shampoo etc. When I'm with a woman, she should be a woman.

Chalk, chains, etc etc remind me of myself and my bros. So do muscular bodies. I don't find it sexual or attractive.



Real women don't use gloves.

Hey, pmpm...I shave down my callouses with a single edge razor. Keeps my hands smooth and pretty.


And nice butts. Clearly we just disagree about what constitutes as muscular.

pffft. girls dont fart. nor do they poop. Everyone knows theres only one reason mother nature even gave them that hole...

I just dont see why lifting precludes any of those feminine things (long hair, finger and toenails painted, etc) - definitely dont think theyre a contradiction.

And yeah, most of the guys I lift with are guys, but most of the peopel I know dont lift, so chalk and chains just remind me of chalk and chains...


good call, perfect stocking stuffer


That's pretty cool. I think I'll try it just for the badass factor. My callouses are, for some reason, under control at the moment. I'm suddenly feeling all girly and feminine.

For my birthday I got money to get a bench shirt. That rocked. I'm getting it next Saturday. That's the stuff I want but that's not everyone.

Generally though, gift certificates for workout clothes, or supplements would be great. I wouldn't get a book unless it's one she's said she's interested in or at least along the lines of her general fitness interest. For instance, I wouldn't be too excited to get a book on uses for a swiss ball or general toning exercises but perhaps she is. She may want gloves to protect her hands she may not care for them at all. Has she expressed any interest in any particular area of fitness/weightlifting?