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Xmas for my man

I just wanted to get some advice (especially from a guy’s perspective) about what to get my boyfriend for Christmas. We’ve been together for over a year and I want something that would totally knock his socks off. Guys, whats something that if your wife/girlfriend/significant other got you, you would simply die over??

expensive and inexpensive ideas are most welcome, I want to make this the best Christmas ever!!
(Oh, and FYI, we dont live together)

One of the Best gift I ever got was a love/sex coupons. She had made it out of spriral notecards. Each one was diffrent and erotic; “Good for one back massage”, “Good for BJ when driving”, “Good with one small furry…” Well I think you get the idea.

It was real nice, cause I would throw her a coupon when she wasn’t in the mood. Next time I got one, it had expiration dates…go figure

I like Toys, Toys, and more Toys. Last year my Wife bought me a new set of Golf Clubs, Calloway’s, I went nuts for those.

One year she bought me a Tyco race set. I know the race set sounds dumb for a 39 year old but my son and I played with those damm cars for months after Christmas. I still have it too and play with my younger neices and nephews when they come over.

Get yourself a book titled “Making Sense of the Men in Your Life” by Kevin Leman. Read it. Then read it again. Then read it one more time and then put your body to work on the 25th.

man!! my wife wont let me (28 year old) be a little boy anymore!!!
my list:

  1. Xbox, Playstation 2, Game Cube…once an arcade freak always an arcade freak…those days of pumping quarters to play Mr. Do, Dig Dug, Tempest…ahhh those days

  2. Those tyco racing sets…nevermind those “wall climbers”…please the largest-biggest set on the market…maybe will have my own version of Indy 500 running through my whole house!!!

  3. A golf getaway will be nice…even though I’m not as flexible as I used to be, I still dream of teeing up on one of those nice courses in Arizona, Florida, and Las Vegas

  4. POWER BLOCKS!!! ohhhh yeah

  5. Meat/food dehydrator (sp?)

Thats my list…know it aint much…really I dont ask for much I guess thats why I’m kind of hard to shop for

A crate of Mag-10! The gift that keeps on giving.

Great suggestions guys!! Please give some more!

Galvatron, I will definetly check out that book…is it kinda like “men are from mars…” or is it more of a sexual thing?
Bring on more ideas!

A new 2003 Suzuki GSX 1000 in silver would do it for me. I’m getting real close to talking my wife into it.

Best gift I ever got was a great watch. It meant a lot. Another suggestion a weekend somewhere even local, at a hotel! Gives you lots of chances to suprise him.

Yeah man, love my Tyco race set. Thanks for the dehydrator idea thats going on my list now.

Best gift I had ever got from my spouse was a 4 day cruise to Alaska. Very romantic

Never received cool stuff from a significant other, but here are some things I would like: Supplements, massage (I would love someone to get me a gift certificate for some massage sessions!), waxing (I’m a hairy bastard!), night at a bed and breakfast, specially cooked meal or taken out to my favorite restaurant and of course if money is no object, I’ll take a new car, motorcycle, house, speed boat or just cash money! Home made gift certificates and other gifts are nice too!

My wife has gotten me two watches: one at our wedding (with an insription), and another one just this past Fathers’ Day. Very meaningful. And I think of her every time I look at it. That’s a good call. The Citizen EcoDrives are a good line with great styles from sporty to formal.

Lingerie!! You wear it, but it’s really for him. Think like a guy for this one. The racier the better. If you know his fantasies, so much the better.

What are his hobbies? That could help us make some more specific suggestions.

The cruise for two thing is definitely a great idea. However, I would say to look into the smaller sailboat type cruises, if you’re going for the romantic thing. Check out Windjammer Cruises and some of those. Would go great with the sex coupons! (that really rocks)

he really loves lifting (he posts here regularly, thats how i know of the site). He likes paintball, and his car. He loves reading about lifting and nutrition and stuff like that. I really just want to make this christmas the most special one ever, no matter what it takes. all help is SOOO appreciated.

How about a lifting hamper. You could include a couple of towels, a rock climber’s chalk bag, a shoulder horn, a small mp3 player, a skipping rope, a shaker, some supplements, a pair of lifting shoes, captains of crush gripper, t-shirt, book, the list goes on. You can spend as much as you like. Check the Useful Stuff articles in the Previous Issues section

Go to a local comic book/toy shop: get a action figure. Something inspirational like Captain America, Wolverine - and I prefer anything by Randy Bowen (who has a website, perform a google search using his name). In the box you can include one or all of the following: 1)Biotest gift certificate 2)Payment for a year or half of year of his gym membership 3)ANY book by Coach Davies or Ian King (depending what he prefers).

Wrap the package, in the card you attach just say: "To my Hero....Luv..."

Hope this helps.

He loves paintball. A man after my own heart. Get him some gear for paintball. A new gun (maybe an angel or autococker). Or take his old gun and get it anodized with new colors if its just a dull color. If he is into playing scenario games. Then you can get him a under the barrel grenade launcher. Wicked cool and wicked sick. I think its called thompson gernade launcher. They have a website where you can get it for him. Or new camos. If those don’t fit the bill, im with the rest. You can never go wrong with toys, toys and more toys. If he loves models and japanese animation then go to www. hlj.com . They have some of the best japanese models and great prices. Draw back is it takes a while to get. And my personal favorite gifts, power tools. The bigger, the more you can do with it the better! Remember guys are not like girls. We perfer the pratical and or childish things. A new dish pan won’t cut it for a woman (you be lucky she doesn’t kill you) but a new hammer for a guy and he is flying high as a kite for a day. Also if its the latest gadget on the market and he gets it before his buddies do too. Thats also a plus in his book.

Oh one more thing! The standard issue gifts like socks and underwear don’t cut it either!!! Im personally tired of that crap and don’t even open those gifts till days later. Clothing isn’t much of a thrill either when you compate it too a cordless drill.

Well, besides a Body-for-Life book…
Seriously though, I like the MP3 player idea. They are perfect for lifting. Also, my girlfriend gave me this thing called a climbing board. It’s about three feet wide and has a variety of indoor rock climbing holds on it. Perfect for walking by and busting out a couple of cliffhanger pullups while hanging from your fingertips.