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Xmas damage thread


Well I might aswell start it off... let the party begin!

24th December

Big bag of doritos
Whole packet of Orios
Can of pepsi
Bagful of cherries

Spaghetti with muscles (x2 plates)
2 pieces of salmon
half a roll of garlic bread
half a bottle of white wine
3 beers
more spaghetti with muscles

to be continued...



No one cares...I hope you die


Eat some alka-seltzer, bird. I want to see your avian-ass explode in a plume of steaming innards. Happy holidays.


Wtf is a spaghetti with muscles ? is it like noodle on steroids?


Really man..I'm assuming you aren't Italian. Mussels dude..it's a type of clam..


Kinda hope that was a joke.


Sorry, maybe its cause I spelt mussels wrong?



Pasta a cozze (pasta with mussels)...

I am gonna fucking PUNISH this tomorrow...


I Just made it into my cheat meal, but....

Filet mignon
Double stuffed potatoe
gram cracker package
nature valley bars
PB and J on ezekiel bread
Warsteiner (its a beer)
Irish coffee
quart tub pumpkin pie ice cream
peanut butter and chocolate cookies

Note: I know there some odd combos, but I get weird cravings when on low carb.


I know what you mean. You start to crave foods that you would have never really thought of before. It;s all about how differently ones brain works on any kind of restriction..


Yea, I think its just comfort foods you maybe miss. Almost resembles the ravings of a pregnant women when you look at it....scary.


2 friends and I.


ohhh sheeeetttttttt, might have to include pizza as next cheat.....drowl


not be anal here but it's

pasta alle cozze


Question - does anybody outside of Canada have access to "Nanaimo Bars"?

If not, you're missing out big-time!!!