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Xjusticex2013x's Training Log


Okay, this is my general training log. Just got off of 5/3/1, which I did for zercher squat, push press, and deadlift (this is actually supposed to be my deload week, lol).

Updated Stats

Weight: 190
Age: 15
Height: 5'9


Zercher Squat: 325
Incline Bench Press: 185x3
Deadlift: 320x10, 380x2


Zercher Squat: 365
Incline Bench Press: 225 by the end of 2010, and then 205 lb push press
Deadlift: Hit 405 and then get at least 455 by the end of my sophomore year of high school


October 26, 2010


Shoulder Dislocations - 2x12

Incline Bench Press

185x3 (PR)
190x1 (PR)

Failed 185x3 last week, so I'm happy about that. The third rep didn't quite touch my chest (it was super close), so I did an easy single with 190 to compensate.

Savickas Press

135x2 (PR)
140x1 (PR)

Quite a grinder there.

Dumbbell Skull Crusher

30's x 10
35's x 10
40's x 10



I'm going to try kipping on these a little and see where it takes me...


You'll get 405 next time buddy


Hopefully. I'm going to try alternating ME and DE deadlift workouts, so I'll be doing max effort work once every two weeks, giving me plenty of time for recovery. I'm going to do 395 1st and then go for 405 the next ME workout.


October 29, 2010

Speed Deadlift


Good Morning


I just don't get these...

Kroc Row

125x30/30 (rest-paused)

Band Good Morning - 1x30


November 1, 2010


Hip Mobility Work

Incline Treadmill - three minutes

Zercher Squat

290x5 (PR)
135x5 (close stance)

Hard as hell, but I got it.

After Zerchers, I wanted to get some upper back work in, so I did supersets with:

125 lb Dumbbell Shrugs


100 lb Face Pulls

Didn't last long; only two cycles. LOL

Then, I did some more shrugs with 80's and left. Meh, just filler. :stuck_out_tongue:


sup brah. Those zercher squats painfull to you?


Nah, they don't hurt at all.


November 3, 2010


Shoulder Dislocations - 2x12

Incline Bench Press

190x3 (PR)
195x1 (PR)

Felt rather easy. Trying to get better leg drive.

Savickas Press

140x1 (fell backwards, had to rerack and missed the 2nd rep)
145 x miss

Bad day on these. Did some push presses with 145 for fun.

Dumbbell Skull Crusher

35's x 10
(45's x 10)x2



Kicked like a date rape scene gone wrong on the last few. I've done 12 strict, though, so I still win. :slight_smile:


November 5, 2010


Hyperextension - (BWx12)x2


390x1 (PR)
405 x miss

Not again, damnit. I was good for more after 390, but not quite 405 at this immediate point in time. My strength off the floor is fine now thanks to all of the deficit work that I did back with 5/3/1, but now I'm sticking at mid-shin! Time to breakout the stiff-legs to fix yet another weak point: my hamstrings!

Stiff-legged Deadlift

225x10 (PR)
245x5 (PR)
265x3 (PR)

I didn't go with the plan today of doing Zerchers and GM's. SL's > GM's for deadlifting IMHO.


November 7, 2010

I did some chinups and jump-rope work today.


November 8, 2010

Late session tonight...


Hip Mobility Work

Zercher Squat

------Deadlift - (225x1)x5------
(185x10)x2 (Close stance, ATG)

I was going to give 275x5x5 a try, but 245 let me know that now's not the time; hamstrings are sore and whatnot. I also did some technique work on the deadlift before my 225 set; I tried pulling ALL of the slack out of the bar, and it felt good. After 245, I wanted to try something different since I decided not to do 275, so I lowered the weight, did volume and it was really tough. I used too much back on those, though...

Strict Press (Unplanned)

135x4 (PR?!?)

Here's the thing. I loaded the bar up with 135 for some barbell rows, but first I did some strict pressing for fun, just to see what I could do on them after not doing them for a long time. My legs were so fucking tired, so I was surprised by this; your legs are huge for standing presses. I felt like I could have grinded out a 5th rep (more when fresh, no doubt), but I decided not to take a chance on failing, burning my CNS, and take a chance on screwing up my incline workout coming up on Wednesday.

I couldn't do any barbell rowing (my legs were THAT tired), so I finished up with some dumbbell rowing...

Dumbbell Row

100's x 8/8
110's x 8/8
115's x 8/8
80's x 10/10

Felt good; did them strict.


sounds like this ^^^ bear is gonna sleep gud tonight.


LOL! That was my exact thought when I got home.


November 10, 2010


Shoulder Dislocations - 2x12

Incline Bench Press

195x2 (PR, the spotter grabbed it too early on the 3rd)
200x0 (again, the spotter grabbed it way too early)

I think that they got confused with my signals or something. I was going to work up to 205x1 today, but I decided to forget about it until I have a competent spotter again. I usually stay at the same weight until I can hit a legit three, but I knew that I had three in me on 195 with the form a little loose, so I may just move up to 200 next week...

Push Press (total suckage on these)

155x1 (missed 2nd rep; too far in front, couldn't stabilize)

I was going to try 180x3, but I should have know better after heavy inclines! I need to learn to pick just one big movement to go heavy on for the day and go to town on it.

To finish up, I supersetted dips with chinups...

Dip - BWx12 BW 50x6 BWx10
Chinup - BWx8 BWx8 BWx8

I rest-paused a few sets to get my reps in.


November 11, 2010

Some chinups; barely worth a post. Did two sets. First was 12, second was 5. Goal is 15.


tip: strap 45lbs on you and do negatives for pullups.


Good tip. I've done BW 45x5 and BW 55x3, so I'd probably have to use about 65 lbs.


November 12, 2010

First, I wanted to test my strict press fresh...

Strict Press

135x6 (PR)

Then it was on to my deadlift workout.


Hyperextension - BWx12

Speed Deadlift


I tried working on my technique by sitting back more and lifting with my chest.

Stiff-Legged Deadlift

(235x5)x5 (PR for volume I guess...added in a 1" deficit on my 2nd set)

Doing these to bring up the hams.

Barbell Row


Well that sucked; form wasn't very good. Not the best day ever.

Prone Bridge

4 plates x F
5 plates x F

I did these for two reasons...
1.) To hit the core.
2.) For the lulz; people were watching. I guess that're not used to guys with 5 plates on their back. :stuck_out_tongue:


well then two 45's lol

nice strict press