Xforce and 30-10-30

Dr. Darden

I recently went thru a couple weeks of training sessions at Xforce in tampa (talk about intensity, wholly crap)

one session on monday was
leg press, pullover, row, chest fly, incline press, bicep curl and shoulder press

The next session on friday was
Leg ext, leg curl, chest press, pulldown, lateral raise, triceps ext, ab crunch

since i live too far away from tampa to join on a permanent basis, i plan using the same type of exercise groupings using the 30-10-30 method

and then wednesdays i will use the following in a normal cadence ntf
Hip abduction, hip adduction, calf ext, torso twist, reverse curl and lower back ext

Your opinion

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You have a fine breakdown of your workouts. Do them for a month and get back to me with your progress.

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