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Xero Limits Freak of the Month: George Suarez

Has anyone seen this video? It can be located on mdtv->videos-> Xero Limits freak of the month George Suarez. This guy’s 21 years old, 5’11 260lbs, fairly lean. Strong as fuck

I wasn’t too impressed until I saw his legs, good set of wheels he has there.

whatever mdtv is, it took me to some site about islam.

[quote]JaX Un wrote:
whatever mdtv is, it took me to some site about islam.[/quote]

muscular development tv

ye i found the islam link aswell lol.

i do apologise if i posted the wrong link. You can find the video at muscular development under videos, then scroll down, xero limits freak of the month, george suarez.

I don’t see any links in this thread.

Same age as me. Fuck.

Holy sht his legs!

Thats not a human being. Thats like a fricken alienoid, dude!

Pretty impressive for such a young guy.

It’s disappointing to me that T-Nation never seems to be on top of things like this, or even concerned with up and coming bodybuilders (or any of them really). Actually, I can’t even remember the last time bodybuilding (not “hypertrophy”, the modern day SPORT in REALITY) was given any attention in an article here, except maybe an interview a while ago with one of the old timers?