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We know there are xenoestrogens
but are there xenotestosterones too? I found this saying that there may be.

an extract of fenugreek seed, standardized to 50% fenuside, a saponin glycoside that has shown excellent activity as a testosterone booster in animal studies¹. It's believed to act like testosterone by binding to testosterone receptor sites and creating testosterone-like activity.

If this is true might there be others? Anything to battle our metro efeminite man destroying environment would be great....for the fellas.

Also check this out on google books

On a side note check this scary freaky article out I found


Okay I just realized steroids are xenotestosterone. So are there legal unknown xenotestosterones?


well they wouldn't be unknown if somebody knew about them.


I love how at the bottom of that article it just says "AVOID COFFEE" lol.