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Xenical and Oil-Based AAS?


since xenical is proven to remove oil from your body to help lose weight and lower cholesterol... would that have any negative affect on oil based aas in your body????


No. Xenical prevents fat from being absorbed and digested. So unless you are eating your oil based injectables you are ok. Why are you using Xenical?




Xenical blocks absorption of fat via the digestive system. This can cause vitamin E A D and K deficiency along with gas with oily discharge. Its a half assed way to lose weight. Just eat less fat instead.

Orals are fat soluble right? Wouldn't it interfere with oral AAS?


Enzymes that break down lipids target lipids only. Whether AAS is within that oil is irrelevant, they should not be affected by something like Xenical.

Then again, that's just my mere hypothesis.


thanks alot!!! makes sense its not for me its my father he wanted to know... he is on a cycle now and wants to take xenical to help lose weight.


yeah he took it at work one time and farted oil all over his chair and had a nice oil slick on the back seat of his pants!! and he still didn't learn... lmfao!!!!


If OIL is coming out of my ass for any reason, I surely will stop taking whatever I am taking ASAP.



Unless you had one of those conversion kits to make your car run on oil.

That's a road trip's worth of fuel, my friend!