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Xenical and Alli


Has any bodybuilders used these drugs? They are being widely discussed in the UK media right now because they are available over the counter if you have a high enough BMI.
I was shocked to hear how they work - you literally shit yourself thinner! Ok, crude simplification there. Essentially the drug prevents around 33% of ingested fat being digested so it passes straight through you - hence the reported uncontrollable shitting episodes.
I would have thought the easy alternative would be to eat 33% less fat in your diet. Anyway, it's that magic pill aspect which many women are claiming is a miracle drug.

I can't help but think there must be bodybuilders out there that take these things, given the wide use of every other aid, clenbuterol, thyroid drugs, ephedrine, etc.


Eating less would be an easy alternative for fat, lazy people?

I can't imagine any would, considering there are much better alternatives.


Is "uncontrollable oily discharge" worth being lean? You do know what happens to those fats you don't absorb right?


The discharge episodes are HORRIBLE

Oily, gassy and unexpected!!!

Xenical will work great on those that are on a High Fat/Low Carb diet (Atkins), but only for a while I tried this product about 15 years ago and got good results the first month of continued use, as usual my body got used to it after a while and the effects began diminishing.

Maybe there is a on/off cycle out there that might make it more effective?

Out of my experiences, I would only use it if your fat and planning to get on a SERIOSE diet, and once well into the diet (Atkins 3rd month) use it, the best effect you will get from this is that besides controlling the fat you body can ingest, is that it will flush you out, giving you that relief that you miss.


I wouldn't touch it mate.

I've actually heard it is worse for people on high fat diets, e.g. Atkins, and proponents of the drug actually advise eating a low fat diet on this medication due to the discharges.

I listened to some women on chat show radio recounting tales of literally shitting themselves without warning. They described the excrement as resembling pizza topping! Very nice thought to entertain around lunch time!


Ridiculously stupid. My mother used Xenical when it was a prescription drug and very expensive. Although the instructions warned to keep dietary fat low, of course she didn't do that because she was looking for a pill to do all the work. She was always rushing off to the bathroom and didn't lose any weight. It did give the rest of the family a lot of laughs though.

Then years later she sees ads for Alli and wants to try it.

Even in the published research that led to the FDA approval of this stuff, the experimental group lost like a few pounds more than the control group over the course of a year. That's all.

I don't know why you would think bodybuilders would want to try this. Bodybuilders tend to have extreme dietary discipline compared to most people, while orlistat was created for people with little dietary discipline. Bodybuilders may be interested in things that can optimize or improve hormones, but something that just blocks digestion of some of the stuff you just ate? not so much.