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Xenia's Log (and Quest for Greatness)

My goal is to gain 1-2 lbs. of solid (Mostly Muscle) mass a week until I weigh 190 and do it by eating a diet that is mostly clean. Also I am in college so I am on a budget and a tight schedule as far as times when I can eat. I have been going steady with the routine I am in now for about 4 weeks now and I decided that it was time to start a log to chart my progress and hopefully get some good feedback/advice.
If this current plan works I estimate that it should take 18-36 weeks (4.5-9 months) to achieve my goal of weighing 190 without a huge increase in BF% (expect some increase). Right Now I estimate that my BF is around 9%.

So here is what I am at right now:
Weight: 154
Height: 6’
Max BP: 220
Max Squat: 265
Max DL: (will max soon)

My day to make weight is on Wednesday of each week. If I don’t make weight I am going to eat and drink until I do.

I dont have a camera (yet) but I am planning on buying one soon and posting pics.

This week (so far) my workouts were as follows:

Monday- (Upper Body)

BB Bench- 5x5 @180
BB Curls- 8x3 @75
BB Skull Crushers- 8x3 @80
and Dips and pullups one set each till failure.

Later that day 2 hr. karate practice

Wednesday- (Lower/Back)

Squats- 5x5 @ 195
Dead Lifts- 3x8 @205
Standing BB Calf Raises- 3x8 @205

*Friday- (Shoulders/Abs)
DB Shoulder Press-
BB Shrugs-
(abs whatever)
*Will Post on friday

Saturday- 2hrs of karate practice

My food today was a typical day:
Meal 1: (1 hr before workout)
4 eggs (2 yolks)
2 slices toast
1 cup Oatmeal
1 orange
Multi Vitamin, Fish Oil


Meal 2: (post Workout)
Chicken nuggets (chick-fla) =)

Meal 3:
Turkey Sub On whole wheat bread with lots of veggies

Meal 4:
Peanutbutter and Banana Sandwich

Meal 5:
Tuna salad
mac and Cheese

Meal 6: (before bed) (Have not eaten this yet, but will.)
30g Whey Protein in milk
Whole almonds
Cheez-its (if i am hungry)

Water: I try and drink as much as I can throughout the day. At least 64ozs, but usually more.

I’ll be posting my workouts as they come. I would appreciate some feedback. =)