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XEN Come Back, Stop Fugging All the Bidges



step away from the ass.
come back and post.

we are clogged with Harkore noob whiteys.

help us out



I've been missin' Xen, too.


You guys are supposed to pass down the knowledge you've gained to the next generation.


Yep,I think Xen is wanting us to step it up.


true true...

but its the ammount of trolling that gets me.



I can understand why any poster doesn't want to deal with some of the cocksuckers that hide on this thing.

But I don't want this to get like the bodybuilding forum, and we've done a pretty good job keeping it decent, so I'm staying.


No doubt on the trolling....and people not knowing where the search function is. Seems that the same tired questions are being recycled over and over by the newbies(or trolls).


I was thinking along the same lines...especially with HH and his "Tattoo" thread. I'm especially grateful that the forum has nothing in common with Sherdog forums...outside the obvious.



I gues the best thing is just to bust on trolls as we see fit.


Hey,its working so far..I would prefer just ignoring them..but their absurdity is hard to ignore.



Wtf how did i miss this? I'm sorry guys, I've been around and I comment here and there but I tend to give more vague zen-like responses because saying the opposite of a troll/noob tends to turn into a page long rant and I just don't have the time. I've been spending stupid amount of hours in the gym lately. And somehow (fucking KMC lol) kmc guessed it right I have a significant other (bombest woman on the planet) but she's a collegiate soccer player so she doesn't take up my time- we're both busy.

But i do miss you guys! And thanks for the shoutout! I'll try to be around to post more



MUST NEEDS PICS!!!!!!!! (you may upload them in SAMA if you'd like)


naaah, KMC (and jelly roll) have seen her though they can verify...


I dont blame xen at all
now go back to rate my physique



Rate My Physique is the skidmark on the underpants of T-Nation.


this better not come back to bite me in the ass...


wow she's hot!

And I guess the one in the bikini isn't bad either.


She seems to be exhibiting pronounced lordosis. She should stop or reduce all activities that could be contributing to the problem.


Verification from JR. And that picture he posted doesn't do justice either, she's quite beautiful.