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Xbox - Spartan: Total Warrior



I just rented this the other day. It's pretty awesome. Graphics are great, on par with Prince of Persia. The gameplay is very fast-paced, almost chaotic, but in a good way. You play a Spartan warrior (clever title, huh?), and have to fight off Greek soldiers, a few mythological creatures, and do some general adventuring. What with the Pro-Spartan atmosphere around here lately (I can't wait for the movie), I thought I'd give this game a shot. Definitely worthwhile.


I would get a better reception from my wife if I came home with a stripper then I would with that game. At least she knows i'd be done with the stripper pretty quick and she'd be out the door.


Not trying to change the subject, but I don't have an X-box. Has anyone played God Of War. Is this game better or worse than GOW. Is GOW worth buying for PS2?


prof x:


reviews,info,videos etc...


Thanks. I just read the reviews at Amazon for it and found it on sale for 19.99. I went ahead and picked it up.


Prof: God of War is a must have for the ps2. i know it won a couple of game awards its so good. but spartan:TW is for the ps2 as well.

i played spartan and it is good, it wasnt perfection like GoW, but it was worth my time, good missions, good graphs, it was a damn good game.


God of War is one of the best games I've ever in my opinion, it's only negative is it kinda short.


The reviews for it made it seem like playable testosterone with great graphics.


Well, that and it's only for PS2. Us XBoxers wanna get in on that mayhem since the reviews are spectacular.


Kratos is a BMF you won't be disappointed Prof X.

I was looking for something to play after San Andreas and was considering Spartan, but the reviews made it seem pretty blah. I guess I'll have to make my own opinion.


God of War is the only game I have actually gotten addicted to. Also the first game on PS2 I have played to the end. I loved it.


Geez, nice job newb. 'I don't have an Xbox, so let me post on an Xbox thread and ask a whole different question.' Some people. Really. [/sarcasm]




I was actually looking into getting some games...perfect thanks for the reviews guys lol


Another good game with A BMF (for some of you MMAs) is Viewtiful Joe.

This game is what the Matrix should have been. You can slow down time, speed it up, zoom in, and it looks so damn pretty.

For PS2 and Gamecube


For those of you who have an Xbox and what to get into some serious action, you should consider picking up Ninja Gaiden.


Ninja Gaiden fucking rocks.




God of War is the perfect PS2 game for any T-Man. Great graphics and ou get to bust a lot of Ancient greek ass. As far as an X-box version I doubt it will ever hapen. The game was made but Sony studios europe so I am sure they will only make it available for their system.


Has anyone played BLACK? It's just come out (on Xbox AND PS2) and the reviews seem pretty sweet. It being short and having no on-line component being the only complaints so far.

I got an XBox last november (found one on sale at 199$ with 3 games included, couldn't pass it up.) I've had a blast going thru Halo and Halo 2. I'm currently finishing PGR2 and Soul Calibur 2.