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Xbox One vs PS4


Which one are you getting and why?


neither. waiting for the slim version, which will be sleeker, less buggy and with a good library.


PS4 because Xbox is for 12 year olds who live in their parents basements.


PS4 (got it today)

First off, I'm not a "fanboy" I have a PS3 & 360. I just finished Darksiders II on 360 last night actually. Play most shooters these days on Xbox (COD, Battlefield, etc..). That said I'm going with PS4 because:

  1. I have been more impressed with Sony's marketing strategy, hardware, price point, demos, etc... At no point in the last 6 months has the Xbox One or Microsoft given me the wow factor the PS4/Sony has. The anti-gamer policies, for lack of a better term, that Microsoft has since reversed definitly impact my choice. I really believe the PS4 is going to be on par with the PS2, ie awesome.

  2. Exclusives: Personally, I like the Sony exclusives better. Killzone, Uncharted, LittleBigPlanet, God of War, Resistance, etc... are better in my opinion than Halo, GOW, etc... Titan Fall does look promising, but how good it will be remains to be seen. The rest of the top AAA titles I like are cross gen.

  3. To me PS4 is more about games while the Xbox One is more about entertainment. That's fine, but not for me. I have a TV, a computer, Ipod, etc... I don't need an all in one entertainment machine. I want a solid video game machine.

  4. The Kinect is a gimick (so is the PS camera) that I don't really care for. I have a kinect for my 360 and I've used it once maybe twice. I don't like it just like I don't like the wii controllers. I prefer a controller in hand. With Microsoft the Kinect is a selling/focal point with PS4 it's an accessory. PS4 let's me choose if I want it, which saves me $100.

  5. Controller: Not so much a reason to buy PS4 over Xbon One, but I have felt and briefly used the PS4 controller and it is on par with the 360 controller at a minimum.

I'm sure there's more I haven't thought of, but that why I chose the PS4.


The PS4 is pretty small as it is. I haven't seen a comparison, but I bet it's as small as the slim PS3.


and this...


PS4 cause.....

1) Naughty Dog
2) Sony Fanboy
3) First time I ever bought a non Sony console (360) it broke within 3 months
4) Cheaper
5) More Powerful
6) PSN account already in place from PS3


I've got a 360 slim and it freezes constantly.

Had to re-fight the Darksiders II final boss because it froze when unlocking an Avatar award or some shit.


I asked this same question to the guy at EB Games.

He reiterated a lot of what you guys wrote above.

He also said that since PS4 took out the Eye, the camera will not be particularly deeply ingrained within PS4 games and applications. Conversely, since the Kinect comes standard, developers will be much more inclined to maximize it's use.

Also, if you're not US based, a few of the Xbox One's entertainment features do not apply to you (Hulu for instance).

I'm not a hardcore gamer, so I was leaning Xbox One since it's more entertainment based and I mostly play 3rd party titles - NBA 2k, NBA Live, FIFA, Hitman, GTA etc...


LOL at people who complain about creeping government surveillance and invasion of privacy, while lining up to buy a device that records them constantly on video, performs constant diagnostics to read their mental state, and has a microphone so sensitive or can detect the sound of their heartrate, and constantly send this data to servers via the Internet.

These people would likely line up voluntarily for concentration camps if they had free wi-fi.




This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang, but with a "meh."



I have been using my 360 for a few years and now I am on the fence due to the price difference. Probably will get the same as my brother though, no fun playing alone haha.

My biggest concern is the controller, I have played with an xbox controller for a long time and love it compared to the ps3, which I hate.

But I see the PS4 controller is bigger so that might help.

If anyone else has made the switch, can you tell me how you find the ps4 controller?


The meek shall inherit the earth.


You must be talking about the Xbox One cause none of that happens on the PS4.


They sure will.


Way to spoil the fun...


The PS4 controller is much better, the joy sticks are "solid" like the 360s. They're still close together, which was a grip I had on the DS3's, but it's not bad.

Go to target/gamestop/walmart and get your hands on it to see. It's much different.


We can't demand privacy and play video games? It's either or?


Yeah. My brother is a sales manager at Best Buy. They gave him an Xbox One at a recent convention at Anaheim. He told me shit about that thing that would curl your hair. Sounds like a really great console, but terrifying in its implications.